Are any of you guys waitresses?

I need to get a black pair of non-slip shoes for my new job waitressing... do any of you know where I could get a cute, relatively inexpensive pair? Thank youu!


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  • Payless.

    I'm not a waitress but a couple of my friends work at Payless.

    There is where salvation lies.


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  • you wana get a tred safe(nonslip) pair of shoes that are comfy they will be a little more but there worth it

    you can usally get them at wallmart, dicks sporting goods, gander mountin, work wear express

    they will be a litttle more but it will be worth the extra moeny when your on your feet all day

    by the way guys are waiters

  • What I did for my waiting shoes was I asked for a shoe/uniform catalog from my boss and sure enough he had like 4 different catalogs with random waiter/waitress accessories (including shoes obviously) for pretty cheap. But yes, most shoe stores will have them


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