My view on style.

let the girls do their thing

guys, they tend to dress more ruggedly, like mountain wear (at least I do) not to say that theyre are guys out there who like to look nice every day

if a girl doesn't like you for how you dress, its kinda hypocritical, I won't go into y I just think it is

what do you guys think?


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  • Heh, I'm not a guy or anything, but I agree with you. This is a thing most girls will be extreamly shallow about, is how well their guys dress, which is kinda crazy. Most girls expect their men to look nice all the time, because they figure, if we are going through all this trouble to look nice for you, then why can't you do it for us... kinda thing. I don't know, I like my guy to look like a man, and not some metrosexual. My opinion, but I get what you're saying.

    • Exactly, and I mean I am not around the mountains (I plan on it though) so that doesn't mean I can't dress like a mountain guy, ya know?

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    • Yeah, contractions get the best of everyone...

  • I don't think anyone should change how they dress for someone. There's always gonna be somebody who likes the way you look so don't change unless you want to. I care about how guys dress and I really like a particular look, but that's just me. He does have to make an effort to look good though, just don't spend more time in the mirror than me.


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