Would this be acceptable?

Do you think it would be acceptable to have visible tattoos if I want to go into the photography business? I know a lot of occuptations don't allow them, but I was wondering since photography is an artsy career if it would be more acceptable.


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  • This depends on what kind if photography you would like to do, actually. See, photography is neither a buisness or an industry, but a skill that many buisnesses use. If you start your own buisness or work independently, you have the freedom to choose. (But keep in mind that the people hiring you for specific jobs may still judge you based on your appearance.) If you work for a news crew or a network, you will have to follow certain dress codes. If you work in the fashion industry, the dress code may depend on the company and the country.

    Tattoos are a great form of self-expression, so get one if you really want to. But until you are sure of what kind of job you want, it might not hurt to put it in a place that you can easily cover, such as your shoulder or your chest. If you can't see it under you're t-shirt or jacket, it isn't the buisness of your employer.

    My mother is a portrait and wedding photographer who runs her own buisness, so I am not sure what is expceted of photographers who work for specific companies. Think of the kinds of pictures you want to take, and do a little research on companies who take those kinds of photos. For example, you could take culturally-relevant stills for National Geographic, or edgy sensual photos for Vouge. Or you could buy your own studio and take grad and wedding photos. Whatever you want. Good luck!

  • I don't see tattoos as being professional but it depends who you ask, the medical field doesn't allow them and I don't trust any professional with tattoos on them,...it's just me


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