How much do classy men appeal to girls?

to be truthful I don't think I'm anything special looks wise but I dress nice and do what I can to take care of myself and look good. I have a clear sense of where I'll eventually end up in life and am driven. but girls, what goes through your mind when you see a guy dressed up a little bit, even if he's around average to above average looking but doesn't have model good looks? do physical looks matter as much? how much does a man's style, especially if he dresses up, affect how you're attracted to him? my style ranges from dressing my age to dressing even a little older than what most 20 year olds would.

I would love to hear what the ladies have to say :)


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  • I love a guy that is well groomed and takes care of his looks. Its say a lot about the person. Even if you don't have "striking" model looks its always great to know you look good and to have confidence. To me that is vey sexy in a male, especially added that he is driven an knows what he wants out of life.


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  • It shows you have good taste. Which is, indeed very appealing.

    I love a man in a business suit too.

    • its impractical to wear a suit all the time though lol ;) but are looks as big of a deal or does a man's overall style help improve his looks and make him more attractive even if he isn't already a stud?

    • Hmm, his style helps but how he presents himself helps even more.

      A man with good taste in clothes is just a plus.

    • Ok thanks! :)

  • i love it when guys dress up a bit. not flamboyantly...just simple, classic looks. it's very attractive.

    • what would dressing up flamboyantly be like? lol

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    • haha, still sounds good :D

    • cool... :)

  • Very attractive, for me it always makes the guy more attractive. I always dress up a little so its nice when guys do it too the only issue for me is guys that dress with class are always too old for me :(

    • I always feel a little weird dressing up even though I'm 21. I feel like I look too old more my age because it's usually guys in their late 20s and 30s that dress nice lol.

  • women always liked classy men and men who're well groomed, stylish and above all, gentlemans. physical looks don't matter much, but again, depends on the girl. we all need to be attracted by something in that special person.

    • looks don't matter as much?

    • it doesn't have to be physical always. don't worry yourself with looks so much, I doubt you're Quasimodo. people can get attracted because of many other things. but we were talking here about classiness, and yes, that's a plus.

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  • TENFOLD more than the little punks that wear the swagger/hipster sh*t.

    • I would like to see a change in trends and see the results in real life then. that's all girls seem to like in real life are swagger/hipster type dudes.

    • Who we date is a reflection of how we see ourselves and how secure we are. The girls that chase the hipsters are just insecure, maybe afraid of adulthood, etc.

    • makes sense.