Why doesn't he listen?

My guy never takes my suggestions about hair or clothes (for him to wear). Don't he know hair and clothes can be a major turnon if done like we like it? Am I right ladies?! He lets his fluffy hair swoop to the side, and wears bermuda shorts and sandals. . . ugh! I love him but sh*t man! Wear some sexy jeans with sexy boots and cut that hair or gel it back so I can see that sexy face! Am I in the wrong fellas?


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  • It all depends on how you do it. I'm not going to assume anything, I'm just going to list possibilities.

    If you tell him "You really don't know how to dress", "you should get rid of your clothes", "I'm going to take you shopping and I'm going to get you new stuff" etc, generally just talk bad about his style and say you are going to make him better, of course he's not going to listen.

    More than anything, guys want to be in control of themselves. If you boss him around, he'll do anything to show that he's still his own boss by *not* doing what you're trying to force him.

    If on the other hand you tell him something like "I saw some clothes I think would really make you look sexy"; "I think if you wore this outfit it might really turn me on", etc; so in a positive reinforcement way, you'll get much better result.

    Women's opinions matter when it's expressed in a positive, flattering way, not in a negative, naggy or controlling way.

    And even then, men sometimes don't do these things straight away. They'll take it in, let it rest a while, and make the change when *they* feel ready. In this case he's basically compromising being his own boss, and respecting your wishes.


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  • i think he'll wear or style himself how he likes, regardless of what others think. There isn't much you can do other than leaving him with your oppinion.

  • You need a ken doll that you can dress up, not a boyfriend.

  • Why didn't you get a f***ing guy that shares your interests instead of the hottest guy you could get.

    That way, he would naturally go along with what you like because you have similar personalities.

    Just choose your boyfriend better next time and stop whining when you don't actually connect.

    Sounds to me like you didn't choose your guy wisely.

    • No, we're totally in love. this is really the only peeve I have with him.

    • So either he loves you and will let you dress him and he does not care what he wears.

      Or, he cares what he wears and is established in his style.

      or you want him to wear ridiculous clothes that look terrible or funny on him.

      I bet if you offer to buy it he may be interested. If he is not, move along and love him for who he is.

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  • Your style is an expression of yourself, not your girlfriend or anyone else. And beside that, most guys don't care too much about fashion, they just wanna wear what's comfy. So if you try to force your boyfriend to wear stuff that's out of his comfort zone, he's not gonna feel comfortable. He might not like the same style that you do and if he doesn't want to dress the way you want him to then you need to accept that. You should love him for who he is anyway and the way he dresses is part of him.

    You could try to come up with some kind of compromise maybe. Like if you make an agreement where he lets you pick out an outfit for him every once in awhile special for you. But if he doesn't want to wear it out and public you could just dress him up when you're hanging out by yourself.

  • I believe you're right..

    If you dress up and be sexy for him. He should do the same.. It's only fair.

    Both sides win!