Does anybody else look at how good a girl's mother looks in order to determine long term interest in her?

I once had a girlfriend who was not the sweetest girl. She was a bit of a bitch. But I could handle it because she was smoking hot.

She was a southern girl with bright green eyes. Beautiful, but her mother...obese. Her mother was like 45, around 5 foot 6 and probably 300 pounds.

I realized this sexy bitchy girl would likely turn into a obese bitchy girl and that is NOT GOOD for a long term relationship.

She was 5 foot 7 and 125 at the time. I dated her 3 years ago. Her Facebook shows her now about 160 pounds.

Did I make the right decision, or am I terrible?

Also, does anybody else do this?

if you do, ladies and gents, what things do you look for in the parents?


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  • I mean her being a bitch was enough of a reason you don't have to really wonder. If you werent happy even if she stayed hot as hell for the last 3 years eventually you would have dumped her if you couldn't handle her. So you did the right thing regardless of her weight issues.

    that being said its genetic that a girl can be as fat as her mom but also having an active lifestyle from a young person up into adulthood can be a deciding factor as well. I'm fat and my daughter is built way more petite that I am and I was always lazy as far as exercising, goes but She can't be still and is way more into health and personal appearance than I ever was even at her age, so I don't think it's gonna be an issue for her like it has been for me.

    • She didn't have an active lifestyle, and she liked to get bbq at least 3 times a week.

      Her lifestyle and diet was sending her on the road to look just like her mom!

    • well if physical appearance/fitness is important to you then you absolutely did the right thing in your case. She probably found someone who didn't care just about her body and hopefully she's learned that being a bitch isn't the best way to go through life lol

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  • I wouldn't say you're wrong for breaking up with a girl who acts like a bitch, but you may not have done it for the right reasons. People do NOT always mature the same way their parents do. Remember that lots and lots of different genes play a role; every person gets DNA from both their parents, not just their parent of the same sex, and genes that were recessive in their parents could be active for them. Unless you've met a lot of her family members and seen pictures of her parents and grandparents when they were younger, you won't have a very good idea about how she will mature. Looking at her mom as she is right now tells you virtually nothing. And lifestyle plays a big role as well.

    You can get some clues from someone's parents, but you can't get anything definite. If looks are the most important thing to you, you will be best off finding a girl from a whole family of supermodels.

    • I went to dinner with her family and her cousins and aunt and uncle.

      Half were obese and the other half were pretty darn overweight.

      I hate that people are calling me out for considering the girl for looks.

      There is a difference between worrying because a persons mom is 300 points and worrying because a persons mom is 170.

      People need to stop being so judgmental thinkin I am being overly judgemental!

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    • But people are acting like their significant other becoming obese is not a real problem.

      I would be willing to bet my life savings that 50% of the people who claim they would stay together because of their love would divorce their wife if she became obese!

    • Well, true obesity is definitely a significant thing. However, most people aren't SO focused on appearances that they would break up with someone because of a CHANCE that they might gain weight at some point. Frankly, there are all kinds of reasons why someone can become overweight- not all can be predicted and not all are unavoidable. One can only hope that their partner will do their best to stay in shape, and you can always encourage it.

  • Her being bitchy was enough reason for you to leave. However, when it comes to looks you can't always look at their parents and judge them off of that. Just because her mom has bad eating habits doesn't mean she will. I think if anything then she would see these bad habits and see it as a motivation to not be like that when older.

  • I think it was more of the fact she was bitch that ultimately became the reason you decided to end things. However I also think that when you truly love someone and can't live your life with out them then it doesn't matter what the potential future them will look like because that love should be strong and nothing else at that point will matter that's the whole point of growing old together. Look at those cute older couple who have been married for 40 plus years that still hold hands and you can still see their passion for each other in their eyes. Everyone gets old and that should be embraced.

    • I have had a unique opportunity to see very very old couples who have been together for decades.

      In every case, the man said that it only worked because he went with whatever the women wanted.

      As long as the man is submissive, a marriage with will.

      I should turn that into a GAG question somehow.

      But anywho, that just seems like love is one sided.

      If my love of my life gets obese, should I just stop working out, and quit my job so I can stay home and watch Springer?

  • Um, just because her mother is obese doesn't mean she will be. Most of the time kids of overweight parents are thinner since they witness health risks etc. No one is born obese, so you can't judge on that, only on facial features and how well she ages etc. I do think you ended things because she was a bitch ultimately and not her obese mother.

  • That's not entirely true. I'm 5ft a size 6 my mom is 4"10 about 170. She has always chubby. I love her that way. Both my older sisters take after her. I think I'm like my great grandmother, most of my life I've been thin. I think you're being unrealistic. You have to look beyond someone's imperfections or you're gonna end up alone. Love is accepting someone for who they are not so much what they look like.

    • I completely agree about your love thing in your last sentence!

      So if I go up to an amazing beautiful runway model will she do this for me?

  • Responsibility and sense of security.

  • Children tend to grow up to look like their parents. Girls tend to look like their mothers, but just because their mother is fat, that doesn't mean the daughter will end up fat as well.

  • Not always ... My mom has always been on the heavier side but my dad has been thin his whole life... I think I favor my dad because I have been the same size all my life and I'm average/thin. Same thing with my mothers sisters daughter (my cousin)..My aunt (her mom), has always been heavier like my mom but her dad is stick thin and she's been stick thin her whole life too...girls can take after there dads.

  • Well... it is true that a majority of people end up looking like their parents, both from genetics and lifestyle choices. But that isn't necessarily a reason to break up with someone.

    The reason you should have broken up with her wasn't because she might gain weight... But because she was a bitch. Why would you date someone that didn't have a good personality simply because she was hot? That's a litlte shallow. I hate to say it, but you two might be perfect for each other.

    • Do you really think she acted like that when I first met her?

      Of course not! lol

      YOUR SHALLOW! jp...but seriously...I think her hotness is what made her a bitch.

  • just make sure you look good and are hot when you get old. I doubt you will so don't judge unless you are a perfect 10 which NOBODY is :)

    • Well, there is a difference between someone looking bad when they are 60 and a person looking bad when they are 30. Obviously!

      The girl is only 24 now and is a lot bigger. I am sure it will continue in this trend...

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  • I don't. Someones personality ques you into how they will run their life style. Just because she has a mom that is lazy and lets herself go, doesn't mean the daughter will be the same, and vice versa. It's about if they have motivation, commitment, and an active life style.

    • Her lifestyle parallels her mom pretty much. She is headed down that road.