Best hairstyle for a guy?

I usually part my hair with a little flip in front but it always looks so uptight and proper. What are some other examples on how I could wear it and still look good? Have short-medium length hair.


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  • You could cut it some and spike up the front link (Ronaldo :D) . or you could do the shaggy look link like that guy but with a shirt on haha.

  • Don't part it, or put gel in it. I HATE when guys use hair gel. I like it when a guys hair looks very casual and relaxed.

    • Just out of curiosity: Do a lot of girls hate parted hair?

      Cause' I've been walking around with parted hair for way to long and hate it, but don't know what to change to...

  • Ok so I know your probably not going to do this but it really does look hot when a guy is willing to actually do something with their hair... but if you take a straightner and you just kind of pull your hair up in an upward motion with the iron it will give your hair a very hot look. It will be like the messy put together look all in one I promise girls will love it! oh and you have to use a little hair spray to keep it up.


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