Why would a guy have 'the look' with a certain girl even though he was a douche to her?

the eyes the eyes the eyes! how can someone stare deep into ones eyes and light up when they see them, but then be mean to them too? even reject them? its like they want them but then don't want them either? even after years he still gives me the look, and even follows me around in my neighborhood to get a glimpse of me...but he's the one that turned me down and treated me like crap!


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  • He still wants you, but he may feel that he is not good enough for you.

    • how do you know that he is not good enough?

    • He kind of stalks you; thus, he can't resist you, but he pushes you away.

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  • because he is an immature idiot, and has no idea how any of this works, so move on, he won't be able to give more than he already does.

    • meaning, he doesn't know what love is?

    • meaning his reaction to you is intentional but has no idea how to do anything but look.

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