Girls Ideas dress for a wedding?

Ok so my uncle is getting married at the end of the month 28th and I still don't have a dress I was wondering what would be a good spring dress and something breezy cause there getting married close to the beach I fell in love with a high low dress with flower designs similar to this


what are good ideas for a spring dress? Also I'm trying to buy something I can wear again and something not to expensive Thanks :)


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  • This dress you chose is awesome for your uncle's near beach wedding. It suits for spring & summer. Soft feeling & cool. After wedding, you can dress it in normal life. Very causal ! link this dress is also high-low style and can be used as a prom dress or a cocktail dress. A little formal than your choice. I love the blue~ If your are a bridesmaid, maybe you need more formal dresses! :)

    • OMG that is really gorgeous I love the blue color. Thanks, I'm not really a bridesmaids :P Though I need more formal dresses Thanks a bunch :)

    • :) Glad you love it~Can't wait to see in the wedding, photo show to me after wedding, is that ok?

  • Oh wow that is so funny the dress that you picked well odviously comes from Delias and I used to work there... but I moved so I can't work there anymore. Anyways I can tell you that the high-low dresses are the hottest trend this season along with cut-out backs and neon colors, but I don't think you want neon colors for a dress. My suggestion: go with the high-low dress that you found grab a cute over-sized cardi to go over it if it gets cold and a chunky bangle with some strappy sandals and your ready roll. Also I would do a light smokey eye with some soft flowy curls but don't over do the curls or you'll look like your going to prom and you don't want that.

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