Do you guys have any advice for wearing eye contacts?

Do you guys have any advice for wearing eye contacts? for the first time? I have soft eye contact lenses. and I'm freaking out. thanks. any help is appreciated.


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  • Give yourself enough time to wear the eye contacts, keep your hands clean at all times, wear the contacts in front of the sink and mirror, have all the tools ready within arms reach, and make sure you place a stopper on the sink just in case the eye contacts drops into your sink. Focus your vision on the mirror, gently stretch your eyes in a position and slowly find and angle that gently places your contacts on the eye. It may not work the 1st time round or get caught by the lashes. If your eyes are very sensitive, I suggest putting a bit of link to moisture the eye and a bit of link inside the contact lenses. Always remember to practice good hygiene! Practice will make it better and easier :) Good luck :)

    Sources: Myself lmao


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  • Ive been wearing them for almost 9 years now, since I was 9. Aside from the occasion bout of a dry eye or the lens irritating me, I've had little discomfort.

    Just always use a mirror putting them in, don't mix up what eye they're for, if it's not settling take it out and flip it inside out, see if that helps. Or, just place your finger on the lens, move your eye about then release the lens.

    Oh, and if you think you've lost one, check that you didn't happen to put them both in the same eye.

  • Just take them out and clean them every day. Make sure they don't have any rips or fractures in them before you put them in and don't put them in inside out or they'll feel like something is stuck in your eye. At least that's how it feels with me. If you have good ones that let a lot of air in, you can wear them for more than the suggested time length, so don't freak out about that. I have O2 Optix and I'll keep them in for days at a time, sleeping in them and have done so for years. No problems with my eyes and I get check ups every year.


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  • Well, the first time I got contacts it literally took me an hour to put my left one in and an thirty min to put the right one in. After time though I got to where I could put them in in seconds. I know touching your eye is hard. lol so

    Always be in front of a mirror. It's a lot easier than no mirror.

    Put the contact on your pointer finger.'

    (This may get confusing) if you put the contact on your left pointer then take your left middle and pull your bottom eye lid down. Then take your other hand and pull your top eye lid up.

    Look away from the contact.

    And just pop it in!

    That's how I've always done it and it works every time.

    I always put my contact in sitting on top of something dark, so if I drop it it's easier to find.

    And I also always carry solution or eye drops with me because they can get extremely dry.

    Hope I helped!