A Guy with no History?

Girls, if you can please help me out on this just by like your view on this matter

I wouldn't have called myself a nerd or a cool kid in school I was always in between. But I was the silent guy type, voiced my opinion when I felt needed, needless to say I was known as the silent guy in most classes.

I had a huge life loads of family drama so of course it could've affected how I've turned out ... but I'm a virgin guy who never kissed or had a relationship with a girl besides friendship if I can call it that. I'm totally clear why I'm worried is I'm turning 21 in two weeks iss this just weird for me?

Could anyone imagine going for a guy like this? Don't even ask I know I'm not gay XD never tried it but I know. And that's the most depressing about it, I know what I want but maybe I just didn't find a girl I truly like ... I don't know?

I'm just saying is it too late for me I mean to get ... started. It just doesn't feel right ... maybe its just me

I think I'm a fairly decent guy personality wise but if most people judge by looks I wouldn't be surprised I'm not the worst looking guy but I'm by far not the best


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  • I know the feeling. I didn't kiss a girl until I was 19, a few weeks before my 20th birthday.

    Once it happens, you'll realize it wasn't a big deal in the first place. Kisses and sex are gifts. It doesn't matter how many you have given, but if you just start handing them out, they lose value.

    And if you've never given them before, they have that much more value.

    And don't be afraid to explore, both girls and guys.

    For instance, I went through most of high school thinking I was incompetent at flirting or making a move. But on occasion, there would be a girl or two who just resonated with me. I felt comfortable. I felt as though I could be myself, and she wouldn't breathe down my neck looking for some ulterior motive. She was just...open. Chill. Conversation flowed comfortably, and my attraction to her only made the words escaping her lips more intriguing.

    That's when I realized, the problem wasn't me, it was everyone else. Everyone around me was so critical of each other. So critical, that it took some special "game" in order to attract women while walking on eggshells:

    Masculine, but not sexual.

    Independent and not caring what she thinks, while also caring what she thinks.

    Interested, but aloof.

    Complimenting, but not complimenting her appearance.

    Sensitive to her problems, but without problems of your own.

    I realized how nuts it all was. They were holding such stupid standards based on some twilight character or something. You either don't show interest, or your labelled a creep, and there's a tight rope between these that actually works. Once I realized it was insane, I realized I didn't need those girls if that was what I would have to settle for. I would wait for someone who flowed naturally and pulled my best traits to the surface.

    Wait for that girl. Be patient.

    As long as you can feel somewhat comfortable talking to and meeting people, talking to a girl you're attracted to will come fairly naturally if she's chill enough. Unfortunately, she has to deal with some of the paranoid girls scaring the good guys away!


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  • I wouldn't mind going out with a guy like that.

    Maybe you just haven't met the right girl.

    I would not think you're gay, I'd think you're picky - which is a good thing.

  • It's not too late at all. :) My boyfriend never even kissed a girl before me and he's 23, sort of like what you described. We just got together a month ago. If anything I think most girls would far rather have a man like you than someone who had had tons of baggage or only used women for sex.

  • Uhm, a girl should like you for who you are now, not who you were.. but at 21 you should really get started :/ time will come, I guess? I'm pretty sure you will find someone. If not, explore--who knows, maybe you are gay? ;)

  • My best guy friend of many years has never had a girlfriend and he's almost 22! he's kissed random girls that he's brought home, but never done anything else with him. he just can't seem to find a girl. he's really frustrated and I can see why, but I keep telling him someone will come along. it will work out eventually. definitely not a big deal to a girl that really likes a guy.


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