Guys why would you be protective of a girl?

I find guys tend to be quite protective of me (and have a genuine interest in if I'm alight) and they are always guys that I am friends with but not really good, talk on a regular basis type friends. I have noticed they are more protective of me for next to no obvious reason than they are to any other girl. I have always wondered why? I mean if you have no actual ties to a person apart from you go to class with them and kind of know them, so why even care? And why me and not any other girl? Could it have something to do with me being short?


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  • As the AU said, you are obviously likable, so they care about you for that reason. But you may also come across as being a little naive (which is not a bad thing; it just means you lack experience) and that, coupled with your small stature, makes it seem to them that you might be vulnerable. Since they like you (as a friend), due to your personality, etc., this makes them feel protective of you. All that is pretty normal.

    Why not other girls? Probably because those other girls aren't as nice to them as you are, so they don't care about them quite as much.


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  • I'm only protective of girls I have developed feelings for or am in a relationship with.

  • The motives could be vary. First of all, you might be very likable, and we all rush to defend the people we like. Think of how many people get riled up when their mothers are insulted. Some people come off as more deserving of being defended than others. Some girls are more than capable of defending themselves or it might just be joking. I try not to step in if they are just joking around. Also, a guy might want to make himself out to be the hero in your eyes.


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