Guys, what would you have your girlfriend wear if you could choose?

Let's say that for a date you and your girlfriend decided you would pick out each others' outfits for the evening, what would you choose? I know it might be different depending on where your going, but just assume you doing whatever you would do on a normal date with her.(If you don't have a gilrfriend then you can use past experiences or use your imagination)

  • Shirt and jeans
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  • Shirt and skirt
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  • Shirt and shorts
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  • Dress
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  • Other/I'm a girl and want to see results
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  • Honestly, any of those can look really hot. Just depends on the girl's body and on how the clothes fit her. I'll pick shirt and skirt for the purposes of your poll though.


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  • A very baggy, oversized plain white tee shirt (not a babydoll top or anything like that, just a plain white tee, possibly even a men's tee shirt), comfortable white tennis shorts, and either barefoot or flip flops. No makeup, hair worn up in a ponytail unless she already has short hair to begin with. To me, that's the sexiest thing in the world that a girl could wear.

  • whatever she wants, I don't care. Just as long as nothing too... slutty.

  • Plaid mini-skirt and white blouse!

    • I'd go with jeans and a tight turtleneck top, but I certianly can't disagree with your taste, sir! :)

    • Why thank you too sir! Oh and can I tell you a dinasaur joke because you got a dinasaur name?

  • I want her to wear a nice top and and nice skirt.


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