What do women like most? Mind or body? Attitude or Feelings?

When a woman is in a relationship. What is the most important thing for her. A nice boyfriend, The big muscle, The cool one e.t.c

Frequently I'm turned over. I spend a lot of time with the girl that attracts me and when feel the time has come I buy some roses. This don't looks to function. I'm sturdy and care about the feeling of the girl. I just want to know. What do you look for?


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  • Well, personally I look for someone compassionate, with a wonderful personality, who makes me smile and can make me laugh.

    Personality and compatibility are the biggest turn-ons for me.

    Looks come second, honestly as long as your a little easy on the eyes I'm not that picky.

    But, if you want to tell her how you feel I suggest doing something small but still sweet and meaningful. Nothing extravagant or anything, just ask her if she wants to go out for coffee or to get something to eat(you don't even have to say it's a date, you can just sort of guide the night in that direction). When the timing is right just give her a light kiss and tell her how you feel ~

    Personally, that's the type of thing I prefer but she may be different? ~

    Anyway, good luck!


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