Do thick bangs look good on round faces?

So I'm thinking of getting bangs again but I sorta want my bangs to be link or link I have dark blond hair if that makes a difference.

So would those kind of bangs make my face look "rounder" or would they be cute?

P.S. My face does not look like a sorta oval/circle

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  • U.G.L.Y.......fat face!
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  • i don't know what you look like but a full face looks better with sideswept bangs.

    • That's what my sister said but I'm going to get them either way...if I hate them I can always clip them back till they grow out :)

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  • Yes, it will look good :) I just did my bangs like that, heavy bangs, straight across and they look great, and I have a round face too. I've been getting tons of compliments! I used to have side swept bangs, but these look better :)

    • thank you:) That's the exact bang I want to get...heavy and straight across. lol I'm getting them in a couple weeks when I get my braces off too:P

  • Look's good.

  • I like em.