What are guys looking for?

What are boys looking for in a girl? I have been going with this boy for a while now and we really like each other. I really need to know what he looks for in girls so I can deliver it to him.


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  • I think runner's idea of asking him is right. The best way to know what another person want is by asking him/her and not try to mind read. But then again, people sometimes do not always tell you exactly what they want, or they may have problems articulating their wishes clearly. So for from what I've seen, heard, and read, most men tend to want these qualities in a woman.

    One of the most important things you can offer is companionship. A man always needs to know that he has someone there for him, regardless of what the situation is. If the world is crumbling, if everyone has turn their backs on him, if all fails, all he needs to know is that you'll be there for him. And for him to know that you always "got his back," he will forever keep you in his heart.

  • The best situation in this is to ask him or ask his friends. I myself appreciate a fine conversation and a decent amount of versatility, meaning that she is able to mingle in everything that I do.


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