I feel like I have a very tame and borring wardrobe.. any ideas of intersting stuff to get?

I was checking out my wardrobe and it is all pretty tame. Aside from a couple leather jackets and boots got nothing really interesting or that stands out. Girls and guys, help me out. Need some ideas to add style to add to my wardrobe.


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  • Oh I love a guy in Chino's. Ermm maybe some desinger tops & arty tops which have the ripped effect. I think really tight tops would suit you with washed out jeans. You can never have enough pair of jeans! Maybe nike / adidas hoody jacket a bit baggy? A massive trainerz! Maybe a chain & a badboy cap?

    & my list can go on ...


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  • I think a great way to spruce up your wardrobe is to go out and get some really unique pieces. The best places I have found for getting such things has been the thrift stores. I know it's used stuff, but sometimes you find real treasures.

    For instance, I found this great short bomber jacket that I adore and I paid 12 bucks for it. It was brand new, still had the tags on it. The original owner must have gotten it as a gift and then didn't like it for some reason.

    I pair it with some basic t-shirts I have.

    For you, look out for stuff that interests you. I don't know what your style is exactly, but pick out interesting things. For a guy, jackets are a great way to turn a regular outfit of jeans and a t-shirt into something interesting. Also look for shirts with neat designs on them. If you like bands, find some old band tees. They are great when they come from the thrift store because they have that vintage feel to them because they are faded. Sweaters are great too!

    Also look for interesting belts, hats, and whatever else you like to wear. I think it's fun to find foreign t-shirts as well. I saw this one girl get a great t-shirt with some Korean wording on it. I thought that was pretty interesting. Or I have seen purses that have Indian advertisements on them. That's more for a girl, but it gives you an idea of just picking up stuff you think is interesting.

    Mix your interesting items in with your plain items and you will build a more interesting wardrobe.

    I always find cool scarves at the thrift store, or nice sweaters.

  • You should get:

    One shirt with a band name that you like

    One shirt with some wild, crazy pattern (but not like "tourist" crazy) for a conversation starter

    A couple sweatshirts

    A couple polos in different colors

    a couple different types of hats to wear with different outfits

  • If you get some swagger you can pull off anything. However with that said spice up your warerobe by adding color to it. Throw out anything that is stained, torn, or discolored. Invest in a good pair of jeans, some nice quality shirts and some nice kicks, also make sure you have a dress shoe for special occasions. Just remember that not only clothes make you stand out. Also make sure your clothes are pressed nicely and your hairstyle is up to date.

  • Accessoires are the best to pimp up your looks lol


    Leadher bracelets

    Hats, caps


    Bow ties



    Rings (skulls)

    I think you have a great simple style.


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