I'm embarassed by this physical problem and feel ashamed.

I'm a young woman (24 years old)

and I have a problem with my legs

that's really unattractive

and uncommon for my age.

OK, I have varicose veins.

(It's thanks to genetics... lucky me!)

I've already had 2 surgical operations,

the situation has improved

but some veins are still visible

and they become VERY obvious during summer.

I'm deeply ashamed of this.

I go to the beach, but I always go on my own.

I never wear short or mini-skirts, unless with tights.

I've never been in a relationship... or in an intimate situation.

And that's in part because of this physical dysfunction.

I dread the idea of getting naked in front of a potential boyfriend / date

and the thought of him discovering my "secret" frightens me.

What's really hilarious though (I'm being sarcastic)

is that I'm genuinely quite an attractive person,

as in: it's fair to say I'm slightly above average looking.

Yet when people compliment my looks

or if a guy looks at me "in lust"

I just think:

"You say this because I have my clothes on

but if you saw me naked you'd realize what a monster I am

and you'd run away screaming and disgusted by me"

My question is:

If you were to realize that the girl you're dating / seeing has this problem, would you be grossed out and leave or would you stay with her?

I realize that it's not my fault,

but how on earth do I get my self-esteem to improve and start living a normal life?

Please be honest, and feel free to be brutal, if you have to.


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  • If you feel that uncomfortable about it, then tell the guy about it off the bat.

    I remember a while ago I had someone tell me about a birth mark they had on their body, before we actually got intimate.

    When I did see it, I knew what to expect and it wasn't has bad has they made it out ot be.

    Love yourself. Our imperfections are what makes us us.

    I'm sure your future guy will probably have a thing or two that he doesn't like about his body either. You and your future partner will probably share more common ground than you think.

    If a doesn't want to date you because of your varicose veins then he is obviously very shallow, immature, and not worth your time (trust me, he will be too busy paying attention to other things during intimacy) to even focus on that specific area.


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  • few just have a few veins, it probably wouldn't gross me out. remember we are not looking for a girl with a perfect body. few little imperfections like that, we can put up with it. if I was attracted to you, I would still go out with you, but that's if I had guts or confidence to ask you out in the first place.

    • try apple cider vinegar for varicose veins, they won't make them go away. but it will stop them protruding as much. pple Cider Vinegar has cured: varicose veins, weight gain, tendinitis, wrinkles. give it a go. and see what happens.

    • Find some quality apple cider vinegar. This can usually be found at your local grocery store, and it can also be found online if you so desire.

      Make sure that the apple cider vinegar that you buy is undiluted. This will make it an extra effective treatment option for varicose veins.

      Take the undiluted apple cider vinegar, and apply it to the varicose veins every night.

      Also be sure to apply your varicose vein treatment in the morning, in the same way that you applied your treatment at night.

  • I would not be grossed out. A real man would not care at all about some vericose veins. Hugs to you and keep your head up high. You are pretty and a real guy will see that as long as you stay confident. Good luck :)

  • I would not be grossed out by them and I'm sure lots of men wouldn't be either. I could think of the kind of man that would be really insensitive though and that is the macho type that has to over compensate for his own insecurities. As long as you would date a 'nice guy' you should be fine.

    If you really don't want to show your legs when being intimate I would wear thigh high stockings/socks. Can't think of a man that would want you to take those off during intimacy...

  • Nope, wouldn't matter much _at all_.

    Scarring, skin discoloration, birth marks, varicose veins have very little impact on how sexually desirable you are.

    It comes down to shape.

    A woman with nicely shaped legs with varicose veins is hotter then one who is 30 lbs overweight. Its not even close.


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  • it's normal,a lot of women have them. it's not attractive,but it's not horribly unattractive either,it's ''whatever'' to any sane man. if you really want to keep your mind off of them during sex,you could say that you have a fetish for stockings so you can cover them up. but really,that's just for now, until you accept them,but really,they're fine.

    • The fetish for stockings actually sounds like a really cool idea!

      hehe :P

  • You have a few options:

    A)use self tanning lotions to minimize the appearance

    B) Sally Hansen has an airbrush spray for legs sold at drugstores. Pick a shade close to your skin and use it in the areas needed.

    C) varicose veins if severe enough are covered by insurance companies. Spider veins are not.

    If you indeed have varicose veins there are laser and injection procedures that very effective. They are covered by most insurances.

    No need to suffer

  • This might come off as insensitive, but just find a work around for your legs. If you're considered attractive, you're probably thin. If you're thin, you can wear garter belts and hosiery that's held up by them. It might be an inconvenience, but you could get to all the important things while keeping your legs covered. Mind you this is only a solution for intimate times, which aren't even a problem unless you gather the confidence to talk to people. If everything else is fine, I don't see why a man would really care about your legs. We women care too much and forget that unless he's a real 1st class a$$hole or gay, that he won't care or notice. I'm sure your legs are beautiful.

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