What do you consider a 5, 6 and 7?

On the scale of 1-10, what does a 5, 6, and 7 respectively look like? Male and female examples are appreciated. Is a 5 unattractive to you, or are they average? You can use google search to find people who illustrate your opinion


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  • This is why anytime someone asks for a 1-10 score, I ask how they do the scoring.

    Some people its deciles, so 1-10 women are a 10, 1-10 are a 6, etc.

    Some people its like a 'normal distribution' i.e. half are above 5, half below, but most are 4-7, 8's are really hot, 3's pretty ugly, and 1's and 10s are stunningly horrifying or gorgeous

    Some people its like 'how much I want to bang them' i.e. most people are 3-5, 6-7 is 'pretty hot', 8-9 is smoking and nobody gets a 10.

    I don't use a 10 point scale unless asked, in which case I ask for clarification.

    If I were single, I'd operate on a 'wouldn't f-, would f-, would be excited to f-' scale.

    • that's a fairly good scale. Rarely I see someone so smoking hot that they raise the bar and are the magical 11 but automatically become a 10 pushing everyone else down as a result.

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  • 5- Not attractive at all, but not Ew

    6- Only slightly attractive

    7-Average/ not quite 6 but certainly not an 8

  • have you been to link it's a website where people put up pictures and dozens if not hundreds of people vote 1-10 on how they look. I was like a 5.5-6 out of 10. apparently at the time that was like top 70% of men.

    • So you base it on that?

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    • Ah, I see.. I guess, that can either boost or break ones self-esteem, yes?

    • lol yeah that's one reason I left the site but I did get an answer to what the general public thought of my looks (picture)

  • My scale doesn't have 1-10. It has 1-4.

    1 - Looks bad in a way makeup can't help.

    2 - Looks bad without makeup, looks good with.

    3 - Looks good with makeup, looks better with.

    4 - Looks amazing without makeup, makeup only f***s sh*t up.


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  • This is why I don't rate people's appearance with numbers.

    It complicates things..I have different ratings for different types of people.

    If I say a person I cute. usually a 7 or 6

    If I say is person is OK and fine...usually a 5.

    Anything below that is a "maybe" as in:

    "maybe you could cut your hair..or shave your stache..or wax your uni...to luck more..etc.."

    But I really don't like that rating crap..if you look good..always no there is better. No need of asking for numbers.

    If you look bad, always no it could be worst. So, you are better.

  • i can't believe humans actually rate other humans, so pathetic