Does my friend hate me or think I'm ugly?

I went to this local restaurant that I frequent often and there is this guy that flirts with me. Like today he held up my to go bag like he was gonna gibe it to me and then snatched it away and told me that I had to smile for my bag. And I said I', already smiling as I laughed and he said you keep smiling and told me that he hopes to see me again... soon! And I told my friend this because I was flattered and she said oh he was probably flirting with you for tips. Keep in mind I'm a college student and I don't tip. Why would she say that? It's not like I have mad bfs and she has something to be jealous of, I'm a virgin and she always talks about her sexcapades.

Does she think I'm too ugly to be flirted with or something why would she say something like that? Do you think he was flirting with me?


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  • Sometimes friends accidentally say a negative debate just to make sure you won't get your hopes up to look after you. Then some friends are just negative in general.

    Or like my ex friend, wow, she knew how to say it politely that it took me years to realize the comment she was saying was that she wouldn't believe I would have someone fall for me because I was such an "awful" person or cockblocked me out of jealousy. Even if she actually tried to block me and that I caught her trying to do so, she would've defended that she was trying to protect the other guy from falling for me because she assumed I was playing him or would hurt him.

    You might need to confront your friend nicely with the benefit of the doubt that she didn't mean to shoot down your self-esteem. I definitely think he's flirting with you to go out of his way at work and interactively talking with you. Even if you only tip him, I think he'd be happy too.

    • I said jokingly like wait to burst my bubble.

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    • Then how rude of her! If she's a good friend in other ways, just disregard any comment she has for guys who like you and never share good news about a guy to her. If she's not a good friend in many ways and the effort to keep the friendship is not worth it, don't stay friends with her. Good luck with the guy!

    • Thanks :) I think you are right

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  • She wasn't being rude. Don't think too deeply into why she said that, it shouldn't matter. She should be happy for you, not try to bring you down.