Why is it that some Caucasion women are obsessed with being Skinny/Thin??

Why is it that Caucasion women are obsessed with being thin/skinny as if that is the only body type that is deemed as attractive? I know that all Caucasion women do not think like this,but it's almost a general idea. I'm a waitress,and it is just baffling how many women DON't eat for the sake of maintaining the "bag of bones" look. Its almost as if,the older these women become,the less they eat. I guess I am basing this off of the hundreds of people I have served here in nyc. Women never eat,o you hear them throwing it up.Or they stick with water or wine for entirety of the event...never eating. And if the hunger pangs become so severe,THEN they will eat. But as they are eating,they make excuses like,"I haven't eaten since this morning"..."Im only going to eat a little"...etc. Or they try and eat in private so no one will see them. How saddening when people in other countries don't have food to consume. Anyway...

I have an athletic body,in which I use to dance,and as a dancer,i emphasized having muscle and being fit...NOT being skinny.And even before dancing I appreciated having hips and a bum.Im thin,but not skinny...nor do I want to be. I have concluded that this is due to cultural differences...? Or the medias less than subtle brainwashing...?

I'm not sure...What do you think?

I hope this question isn't offensive to anyone.Its just something I have been wondering as I cater so many events,and most women (especially Caucasians women),DO NOT EAT.


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  • Yes... I think its actually selfish for them to be so skinny. They take the food for granted when there are people in other high poverty countries who would die to be in their position and they who have access to food are making themselves skinny voluntarily.

    I think its because a lot of them are brainwashed by the media at a younger age to believe that only thin is attractive. A lot of guys base their preference actually on this so then it becomes encouraged I think... I personally like a healthy weight with thickness in the right places not some girl who picks at a salad if you took her to a restaurant

    • You know,i think I have concluded that it's something that runs rampid with Westerners because of the media.Whether it's the fashion industry,hollywood etc. Back in the days of Marilyn Monroe,her size was cosidered attractive.And some how along the way,our idea of what looks best physically has become warped.Whether it's the pin thin models,or the starving hollywood actresses...hmmmm...sad indeed.

    • Of course, it seems like peoples preferences change with every few decades to be something different so that just gives me less doubt people are not sheep. God help help us...

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  • I would rather have a muscular woman than a really skinny girl, but many of these women probably aspire to become models. Models are pretty thin.

  • I doubt this is exclusive to white females.

    Regardless what matters is not your waste line. It's how healthy/active you are. A skinny girl is likely to be just as unhealthy as an overweight one.

    • I'm not saying it is JUST caucasions women,but from my own experience and the people I have seen...i motly see this extreme behavior from white women.I have not seen this so much from women of other races.I have worked hundreds of events over the years and it's the same thing over and over.Extreme dieting,vomiting food ect.What worse is that I see girls as young as 12 doing the same thing.Maybe it's the "scene" here in nyc...i dunno.Women here do this,while MEN never hesitate to eat and they

    • are unapologetic of doing so.I just haven't seen such exteme eating behavior from other cultures.But yes,i am sure that most women want to be fit and healthy regardless of their skin color. I guess what I am speaing of is observations from 5 years of serving the public.

    • White females may be more of a target audience for this kind of behavior, yeah. It's very say that people feel compelled to do things like that..

  • because being at a healthy weight is attractive

    • A "healthy" NUMBER does not mean that person is healthy or attractive.And,i don't believe depriving ones body of nutrients is a healthy way to go about weight loss or weight maintenance. You can't seriously condone the measures expressed above as an okay thing to do...:/ They don't eat,or when they do they are apologetic for doing so,or they throw it up.

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    • If you reread my question,you will undertand my point.I never said thin equals healthy. :)

    • and that has d*** to due with my answer

  • As you get older, you get shorter. Short and fat looks BAD. That's why they try to maintain a thin figure

    • Hmmm...i guess.Maybe men should take your pov as well,since they ae usually with starving women,meanwhile they are eating for the two of them.I don't think they received the "short and fat" memo.

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    • Fast metabolism?

    • you probably got thumbs'd down by the insecure ones who won't admit short and stout isn't very attractive

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  • Actually I think the world is starting to become more on a health/fitness kick, as I've seen more and more people changing their diets (to become healthier) and joining gyms. But nothing can really ever fix the damage the MEDIA has done to our genre of people. Television, movies, tabloids, and advertisements all leave women (and men) envious of skinny figures and with the impression that the skinnier you are, the more appealing you become. We also watch stars struggle with the same issues of "battling the bulge." They do this to maintain their own image and confidence, so naturally followers begin to believe they should be struggling with it too. As well, you probably see more older women doing this because of the aging fear. But if you ask me, you have to be almost completely retarded to believe that becoming skinnier in such an unhealthy way will make you look younger. Anorexia, bulimia, and even exercisebulimia have quite the opposite effect and often leave you looking way older than you are.

    People become very sick mentally and physically over their body image. Sadly, a large amount of people want to look good and be accepted so badly, they are willing to sacrifice their own health. But oh well, just another small price to pay for beauty, right?

    I think we're sort of getting on track with our health though. I mean, at the least I feel it's definitely becoming more important. Notice the increase in health food stores and the like.

  • i fast, periodically because it clears my mind& refreshes my body. I don't get hunger pangs, I never have. I don't know even know what itdfeel like.

    i am very thin, I've always been very thin, I'm very active & I enjoy being very thin. I don't starve myself, tho I'm sure people see me& think oh she thinks she's fat etc. tho, I've never 'tried' to lose weight.

    nor have a tried to gain weight, as I'm comfortable& I see no ned to eat more than I need to sustain myself. in general, people in the united states, eat way too much, for way too many reason, that have nothing to do with subsistence, imo. because they are bored, nervous, happy, sad , excited, depressed, its rediculous.

    way more people eat way too much, than not enough. but that doesn't concern u. even tho being over weight, kills hundreds of thousands more people a year, then inanition. you're a caterer, in nyc. , I'm sure you serve a lot of crap. you're probably feeding people junk, but that doesn't concern u. its all a bit hypocritical.

    its pretty annoying. & its really none of anyones business, what anyone else does with their body.

    you like your body, that's great.. if people want to be skinny., so what. & I'm guessing anyopne who doesn't eat because they want to be skinny, is probably doing other unhealthy things, as there's not an overall respect for their body.

    extreme thinness as a standard of beauty, is popular in western cultures. you live in nyc, so I don't see how you think its a cultural difference. its part of YOUR culture. that's why you're thinking. talking about it. it doesn't affect you any less.

    incidentaly, I've never actually heard a very thin person saying, oh I cant, ill get fat, etc. its usually people who already are overweight, worrying about it. tho worry isn't helpful. you either take control of your nutrition, or you dont.

    interesting, that you don't think its sad-or disgusting- , that so many people are obese, when people in other countries have so little to consume. people in this country, are eating the food from people in other countries. that of course, doesn't bother u.

    i think everyone who can stand to. should lose a few pounds& give it over to someone who 'needs' it.

    some people feel that eating is private. either for meditative purposes, or what have u. there's nothing 'sad' about that.

    • There are plenty of people on this site who ask qquestions that "dont concern them" so to speak.But I'm asking a question from my own observations. Yes,alot of the food we serve are highly fattening.But my question is beyond that.Over the spand of 5 years doing this,it is an honest and truthful obervation.Youre offf the point because I am not speaking of obesity,nor am I speaking about fasting.I made it quite specific what I am speaking about.I do believe that the obesity rate in the U.S. Is an

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    • i heard your question. to me its little more than gossip.

      u answered your Q, anyways, you know why you think they don't eat, & your just trying to get affirmation for what you already think.

      I said you are part of the same culture. so I don't know what it means, to say its cultural differences.

      there are plenty of reasons not to eat alot. or to eat in front of people.

      ur full of stereotypes.

      thin is way healthier than being heavy.for your heart. all your vital organs bones stamina longevity brain power.

    • Well,thats your opinion.I asked trying to get others opinions.If you felt negstively about the question,then you sure as heck didn't have to answer it.Bye now.

  • Confidence. (personally I'ma happy fatty) but if they're skinny they feel like they look good and if you think you look good you feel good, thus confidence boost. "And if you go out 'on girls night out' guys tend to hit on the skinny one of the group" to quote my sister.

  • The problem is perception

    Blacks and latinos encourage obesity and "curves." I'm sorry, but a gut, muffin top, jiggly cellulite ridden ass and rolls aren't "curves."

    There's a stereotype that black guys always go for the white, overweight women and for the most part, most black guys go for overweight women who consider themselves "curvy."

    When a black girl talks about having curves, an ass, hips, thighs or whatever--she generally means she's just fat, but in the black culture she isn't perceived as so

    There's a fine line between being thin and being anorexic/unhealthy.

    There's a difference in how blacks and latinos view thin and how whites and Asians view curvy.

    • Women who would be considered obese or have the gut, muffin top, cellulite, ect. that you're talking about call themselves curvy because they have confidence in themselves. If they're truly happy with themselves, then no one should be judging them. Confidence is really hard to gain/maintain especially when people constantly judge them(like you and many others). The only person's opinion they should value is their doctors', or close loved ones.

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    • I agree

      Healthier foods should be made cheaper and we should stress eating healthy and exercising.

      But we forget that guys have preferences and the fat acceptance movement ladies condemn guys for not being attracted to them. They also condemn thin women and assume thin women must be vomiting, starving themselves or exercising compulsively to maintain their weight

    • When guys talk about girls being "too fat", they're usually referring to the ones who actually ARE too fat. It doesn't apply to girls who are already of healthy weight. So if a thin girl is starving herself farther, it's her own misconception.

      Basically, the idea should just be to try to be healthy and happy with who you are. But a confident fat person doesn't blame everyone else for them begin single. They acknowledge and accept that by being of unusual weight, it'll be harder to find a mate.

  • Girls in general are wanting be skinny, but I think black people appreciate curves more ;)

    • Well that's just it Sephora,i don't think the whole "curves" thing is limited to blacks.I think other races appreciate some curves too. I dunno...maybe I'm wrong. :/

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    • Selena! Bitty,bitty,bom,bom! :)

    • Hahahaha...i got ya Sephora.:)

  • cause it looks better

  • Fat people are gross on the outside, and those obsessive insecure ones are gross on the inside.

  • Because white people are crazy.

    stereotypically that is

  • All girls are obsessed about being skinny. :)

    • When I say skinny...i mean "bag of bones".I think a lot of girls may want to be slim,fit,and still have their lady lumps. The women I am speaking of go above and beyond to be...skinny.

  • Because their men want them to be that skinny. A very skinny body type is praised, and a lot of women can't get that naturally so they have to starve themselves or be bulimic. The ideal body for most white men is a Victoria's Secret model. To them, because she doesn't look like an emaciated Eastern European model like Vlada Roslyakova, she must be "fit" and "healthy" so there is no excuse why a white girl shouldn't look like that. That's the trendy body type that's considered hot so the guys want that as their girlfriend and the girls want to look like that. I'm not white so idc, doesn't affect me!

  • Women are forced to be a certain way.




    Personal viewpoint (eg. I want my boyfriend to be able to wrap his arms around me)

    Comparison to others around us.

    I happen to know an international model and I hate it.

    I had huge problems with eating and exercising, and I still do... I used to see my tiny mother all the time, and the magazines, I was bullied really badly at school, and then I met my ex. He gave me hope, he loved me, he loves me now. But his sister is a successful international model. And she is tiny...her ribs poke out, her hips are on show, but she gets paid thousands of pounds to be that way.

    How many fat people do you see being paid thousands of pounds to go to MacDonalds? Not many...

  • I think they might become more insecure because they are getting older maybe and maybe they think staying skinny is attractive. It's more of how people look at them I think. I am curvy not too curvy but I'm not skinny, I don't like being skinny. I think a woman should be at a weight she feels comfortable not how people look at her. Different races have different views on "curvy or shapely" I would say that African American and Spanish would be closer and Asian and Caucasian would be closer but I don't know.

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