From a guy's point of view, how am I enticing guys from how I dress?

My mom is being annoying, she said I need to stop wearing my hair down because of the air indoors and outside. Like what the crap, our house is still new, I live in the suburbs not the city! And her rampages about me dressing like a slut at home, umm I'm going to sleep not church. My sister wore a shirt exposing her entire bra to church, did she get in trouble, no. I wear a shirt covering my collarbone and all of a sudden I'm disrespecting god. She won't let me wear eyeliner unless I ask because in January she cussed at me, so I went Walking in my neighborhood to my former pastor's house. His sons cussed at me in church two years ago, So she doesn't like then. April, still no eyeliner. So, I'm seventeen, will me dressing bad when I go to sleep really be a bad thing? I mean she just now said something to my sister but she never did before and this has been going on for years


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  • No but you sound very immature for 17

    • Yeah, I definitely call it immaturity when you don't cry when your dad almost gets killed in Iraq and misses the first two years of your life, and the rest of your teen years. Oh, and having to basically act like it doesn't bother you so you're older sister doesn't crumble. I know I have areas I need to mature in, but life wasn't easy for me, for starters I had a bone and several other diseases and I was supposed to die. So, your opinion is really doesn't count

    • You've just completely solidified my point with your ridiculous little rant. Talk to someone who cares.

      You sound incredibly immature for 17, and your blatant self pity isn't helping matters.

    • Maybe you should work on yourself before you post rants about your mother and your *incredibly difficult* life on an online public forum. We all have struggles, you don't need to broadcast yours in such a way. It's clear you're looking for a pity party, and now you're pissed because you didn't get one. You sound like a 12 year old, not a 17 year old. I can't imagine acting like you are now when I was 17. I say, grow up, and guess what? 2 other people agree with me.

      Good luck

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