Girls, what is the difference between tights, pantyhose, and leggings?

Also, which one do you like too wear the most?Can you explain the difference too me? Do you wear them with only certain outfits? Do you wear them at all? How does it feel to wear them?

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  • tights go from your waist to your feet..they are one piece.

    pantyhose are the same thing as tights but they are made of a thinner material and they are sheer, they generally are skin colored.

    theyb oth have the purpose of covering the legs. partially to provide warmth although pantyhose are often used to give a more sleek professional look to your legs, like they make your bare legs look better and smoother.

    leggings are like sheer stretchy pants. they end above the ankle...some end right below the knee, others mid calf. some are very sheer and should only be worn under things (though unfortunately some women wear them plain and the world gets to see their ass...nasty). people wear them under dresses or skirts, it gives a casual look and they are more comfortable than tights or pantyhose and also more casual looking although I find it looks a bit juvenile and tacky with a dress or skirt. it may look okay with a long tunic.

    non sheer leggings are worn to work out or for casual errands. with a big shirt leggings look okay for running errands and they look okay for working out but I don't think theyl ook good worn as pants.

    tights and pantyhose are not always that comfortable because they have a tight waistline. they are supposed to be like that, but it gets annoying.

    • Thanks for the explanation, very detailed. Which one is your favorite to wear?

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    • pantyhose aren't visible. yesterday my friend thought I had bare legs and she realized I was wearing pantyhose once she looked more closely.

    • Maybe I should look more closely, lol. Well I'm in my first year of college and have just finished four years of high school, so I don't think I would really have the opportunity to see panyhose anyway.

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  • leggings are like thin pants that only cover part of your leg. They are for wearing under short dresses and skirts, (although some people wear them as pants -.-) Tights are thick, and cover the whole leg, like pants, but they cover your feet, too. They are similar to pantyhose, but slightly thicker. They are for longer dresses, or if you just want to wear something nicer than socks. Pantyhose is for nice outfits, like dresses. It basically just covers your skin, and makes you look more professional. It adds SOME warmth, but not a whole lot, since they're made of nylon...

    Pantyhose: link

    Tights: link

    Leggings: link

    • Do panyhose cover your whole leg like tights?

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    • I have always found the idea of girls legs fully covered in tights or panyhose very sexy. Anyway, which one is your favorite?

    • pantyhose over tights, but pantyhose and leggings really can't be compared, since they are quite different and used for different things. It's like asking if you prefer a swim suit or a snow suit. I wouldn't much like a swim suit if I was in the snow...

  • Black tights. I prefer my feet being covered. And with leggings, I always feel like I need to have socks on too. Pantyhose is too thin.

  • Pantyhose give legs a very sexy look that bare skin, leggings and tights can't do. They even out the skin, make your legs look shiny and if it is the right color appears as if you aren't wearing anything.

    They just happen to be a pain to put on and go to the bathroom with.

    • Why are they a pain to put on and go to the bathroom with?

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    • Do your legs feel different when you touch them?

    • Yes, they feel the best bare, it's nice and smooth with tights, leggings and pantyhose it feels like touching clothing.

  • I think everybody has described the tights and leggings well. I prefer wearing thigh highs. I like the way they look and feel. When I'm wearing a skirt or dress, I wear them or I go bare . I don't wear tights or leggings much.

    • What are thigh highs exactly?

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    • Why do you like thigh highs the best?

    • To be blunt, I don't have to pull them down to go to the bathroom and I feel sexier wearing them.

  • I adore wearing leggings (: okay so leggings are thicker and have a more pants look to them ... and tights you'd wear under a dress or something they are full foot ... and pantyhose are usually see through full foot and make your legs look smoother...

  • I love wearing leggings. They are like a second skin.

    • You have a nice, I'm sure you look amazing in leggings.

    • Meant to say you have a nice backside, I'm sure you look amazing in leggings

  • Leggings are thicker and not see through and less itchy

    • I'm assuming you like them the best then?

    • Sometimes since they don't cover your feet but they don't look right to wear then under shorts or skirts and they don't come in different colors like tights..I think pany hose come in tan/nude only

  • I prefer pantyhose, they are much thinner and more comfortable.

    • Do you like wearing them more as opposed to bear legs?

    • When wearing dresses, yes. However, if it's with shorts then no. :}

    • There was a girl in one of my college classes a few weeks ago who wore tights with shorts. The tights looked sexy, but it just looks kind of off with shorts.

  • Pantyhose are thin and I wear when under dresses, I they usually are dressy. Tights and Leggings I think are about the same. When I think of tights that I own I think of medium kinda thin. When I think of leggings I think of my winter leggings so if I want to wear dresses I can or skirts They are kind of thick. Leggings and tights are more casual but can be dressed up.

    • Which one do you like the best?

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    • Ok, thanks.

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