What can I do to make this work, is it really that bad, or am I over reacting?

so there's this boy, were close, were dating and he treats me pretty good for the most part. . there's some things that bug me about him though, like he will be holding my hand and check out another girl walking by (full on staring at her ass). this happens way more often then it should, but I don't want to bring it up because I hate the confrontation and what if he thinks I'm crazy, he's 2 years older so I sometimes think were not a a same level. He says things are moving way way slow, its been about 2 months. I think its moving along just fine. there's another thing that just bugged me.. he said to me, "youre a perfect ten when you wear makeup." I kind of took offense to that, what about without makeup.. that's what truley matters. I don't want to just up and say forget it, I want things to work but I don't know how to deal with this sometimes.


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  • You are a really good person and you deserve the nobel prize for being so patient and wanting to not smacking the guy. I know you hate confrontation and I can understand (I myself dislike confrontation as well) but sometimes it is warranted, especially during those scenarios.


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