I can't handle my curves

I have one of those very curvaceous bodies

Big boobs , huge hips and a small waist

The thing is : It attracts way to much unwanted attention

I already suffer from social awkwardness and whenever I'm out people stare

Men of all ages give me a creepy look and women look at me with disgust .

I get called called at least 5 times , everyone looks straight at my body and watches me as I move .

Guys have only had interest in me because of my body

I hate it !

Have you ever felt that the way you look does not match your personality ?

I just rather be unnoticed


cat called *

not called called


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  • Enjoy what you got.. a lot of women would kill to have a curvy body.

    However, your problem is understandable.. but perhaps it's cultural thing. You're from America, right?

    At least here it's not accepted to stare at people and also I personally here haven't noticed that thing happening, even when there's a really hot chick passing by, yeah - guys glance but none would dare to stare obviously.

    If you're truthful about what you've written here then you got a killer body and you should not try to "hate" it only because of some random creeps staring.. it's NOT worth to develop self-destructive behavior only because of it!

    The same thing is about money. When you have a lot of it - people may want to rob you and suddenly everyone wants to be your "friend".. you know what I mean?

    If you're doubtful about guys' intentions, choose one who seems the most genuine, give him a chance but take everything really slow... dating and all that stuff, especially everything physical - also don't either believe nor disbelieve every word he says - just watch his actions and how he's treating you.

    Of course guys do like girls mainly because of their bodies, but it doesn't mean that he doesn't care about you.


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  • You're imagining that if you didn't have the body you have, guys would notice the real you, not just how sexy you are.

    That's not how it works.

    Women who are unattractive are not celebrated for other things by men.

    They are invisible.

  • I noticed that too. That's why I wear what I want, to make myself feel good. I suggest that is probably the best thing for you to do too. It might give you more confidence, and make you feel beautiful inside.

  • You should embrace your beauty, but you could try dressing more conservative to an extent that it doesn't show all your curves so guys don't notice

    • I dress very modest , it still doesn't work :(

      My hips are just tooo big and my thick thighs , so I find guys either looking there or at my boobs

      No clothes hide this body , its very frustrating because people assume I one thing just by looks.

      There was this girl who told me " I always thought you would be a stuck up bitch type just because of your body" :(

      Girls don't like me

      And guys like me but not in a great way

    • im sorry :(, like the other guy stated though... as shallow as it sounds, for most guys what initially attracts guys IS physical attractiveness. What keeps the guy is personality, you could relate it to footballers and their wives (or soccer if you are American). They tend to pick the most physically beautiful girlfriends who don't have half a brain, their relationships further on down the line don't work once the body wears off because they realize they can't hold a stimulating conversation.

    • . I think you have both so you'd be a great catch for any guy. I am not sure what is giving all these guys the impression you just want sex but there must be something you are doing... or perhaps its just the area and the guys are really immature. Don't hold yourself out for them if that's the case. Don't give them the time of day, just be freindly and try to pick out the good guys from the bad

  • i wish I got looks like that from the girls ;)

    but hey, at least you know you're attractive.

    better than not getting any looks at all, right?

    imagine you were some short, fact AND ugly girl that no one looked at twice, wouldn't that feel terrible?

    depressing even?

    at least this way you know you can probably get any guy you want.

    • you are right , and I am short bte ( I'm 5'0 ) , not the point lol :p , but I am very thankful , its just some days I wish the attention would tone down a bit , but I'm wiling to deal , by the way I can't get any guy I want ( no can get anyone they want lol )

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    • Im learning , and I would probably say more than hi to you ;D , you are really sweet .

    • well dam! I wish you weren't taken! you seriously seem perfect right now.

  • Yet most women would probably kill to have a figure like yours. Why aren't people just satisfied with what they have?

    • because I don't just want to be a sex object , I want someone to actually see me for who I am , maybe less in the looks will make it easier for them to see other qualities in me .

    • Guys are attracted to women by their looks but it is their personality that keeps them around. :) Like one of the members said below, dress conservatively and you shouldn't have a problem.

  • Damn that's hot!

    • what is exactly ?

      the body type , because I kinda already know that and wish it was less "hot"

    • Your body type is so sexy. At least it will get guys to notice you and talk to you then you can find someone who likes your personality as well.

  • why should it be your problem that your gorgeous?

    • im more of a silent shy geeky type but I don't look that way so I attract attention I don't need and don't want . Like no one has ever noticed how smart or funny I can be , because they just look at my body .

    • if they can't notice that they are not worthy of your attention :P its their problem the can't see how awesome you are

  • Dress in such a way that your body shape is not visible, if it matters to you that much.


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  • I totally understand where your coming from, and the same things happen to me. but it does happen less when I go out in sweats... but honestly, you just have to learn to ignore it, because let me tell you one thing, if you live in North America, then if you ever travel to other countries, its much worse. I went to Mexico once and even though it was beautifull, getting cat-called all the time walking down the street was annoying.

  • I'll take some of your curves. :) jk I feel the opposite of you...I don't stand out really. Sometimes I'm okay with it, but I don't know the other side of it...