Do broad, massive shoulders get smaller if you don't wrok them?

I had a discussion about this with my wife. We've both been rowing all our lives, so both have fairly broad shoulders.

I'm going to quit after this season and I figured that my shoulders would get narrower quite quickly, you know as they say, you can not work out one week but after that, your muscle mass starts to decrease.

Now as I hope to keep shoulders, my wife has the opposite problem and wants them to get smaller. She didn't row for a year and avoided all kinds of exercise that works those muscles and yet they still look kinda massive

So who of us is right? Is it maybe more bone structure than I thought?

She really suffers from this, by the way, so is there any way to get her shoulders narrower, that does not include removing some of her collarbone as some doctor suggested?


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  • They may get smaller if she stops working them out and diets/exercises other parts of her body other than her shoulder/arm area. But chances are she just has broad shoulders naturally especially if she's already tried to do this for a year. Everyone's bodies are different. Broad shoulders are definitely a natural trait for some people.


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  • If you did it through teen years, your bone structure will have grown broader. That won't leave. That's my understanding as someone who started working out late and my bones won't get wider :/