Would you accept your boyfriend if he had plastic surgery?

Let's say he got plastic during the relationship would you accept him?

Or how about he had plastic surgery before you were in the relationship and he just told you to be honest.


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  • No

    Absolutely not. It screams he's insecure, not confident and completely fake. I ONLY want a natural partner. I expect him to be 100% confident and secure with himself.

    Oh wait, I'm not a guy on girlsaskguys...my bad

    Yes I would

    • When I first read that I was thinking "HYPOCRITE!"


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    • No one should judge you for medical reasons cause a lot of people need to surgery for their noses.

      I personally think the jaw and cheek implants are a little much, simply cause they typically turn out uneven, but it's your prerogative.

      Do whatever you wish

    • Thanks:)

      Best of luck to you too

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  • If he had it before it really wouldn't matter (unless he got breast implants :p)

    Why type of plastic surgery are you talking about?

    • Cheek implants

      and possibly jaw implants

      The medical ones would be nose and orthognathic surgery

    • If you got boobs you could play with em lol.

      Yeah that's fine. I can't see it being a big deal.

  • Probably not, I do not agree with plastic surgery unless it is necessary.

  • If the plastic surgery was for medical reasons I wouldn't mind.

    • What if the majority is for medical reasons and one is for looks?

  • medical reasons yes, to look pretty no

  • Okay, firstly I'm her daughter. Second, if it was for medical reasons, yes I would still date him! Looking pwetty no!


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