Comfortable comforting clothes?

We all know we have clothes that make us feel better, but what are they and why? :)

For instance I have a hoodie that makes me feel amazing, because it was my ex's, and it keeps her memory alive even though she's dead.


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  • I have these like forest green sweats that are miles too long for me and much too big around the waist but I keep them because they're SO comfy and they remind me of sitting by the fire on summer nights when I was like 15- life was a lot simpler. Also, I have a hoodie I bought at a second hand store to take with me on a summer back-packing trip, it's a junior boys so it's SUPER warm (for some reason guys' sweaters are always much warmer than girls'). I love it because it's comgy and it reminds me of all the things I did that summer, all the challenges I faced (and mastered), and the great memories I made.

  • Actually I don't feel comfortable in 'comfortable' clothes. I never wear hoodies or sweatpants they make me feel lazy and under dressed. I feel more comfortable when I am dressed up.


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