Girls, how can I make my hair grow faster?

I got a haircut last November and my hair grew pretty quickly after I got it cut but then recently I noticed it wouldn't grow so I got a haircut but now its even shorter than it was before. Its not that I don't like the haircut, I just wanna have it really long so what can I do to have it grow a little faster?


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  • Certain vitamins can help:

    -Biotin.I do take these everyday,they do help.Unfortunately my hair is very curly so you can see the hair growth when I straighten it.It is known to help sin,hair and nails,but some people have said it can cause them to break out or worsen cystic acne.If you do begin taking Biotin pills,don't be freaked out when or if you pee highlighter yellow,biotin isn't toxic,it isn't fat soluble which means it does flush out.

    -Fish oil pills.I started taking these last year when I cut my hair(above my shoulders) and it...ugh...stupid short hair.Anyways,my hair began growing faster,of course,hair does have a limit as to how fast it can grow per month.

    I recommend staying away from pills that are directed towards "hair growth"

    Hair is made up of water and protein.Every strand is 1/8 water I believe,so make sure you drink enough water to stay hydrated through out the day.

    The best fruits and vegetables for hair are carrots,cucumbers,apples,bananas(1 a day,no more,too much sugar),avocado(no more than 2-3 a week),strawberries,tomatoes.

    Best foods with protein are almonds,walnuts,oysters,salmon,soybeans(edamame) in moderation,tilapia,oatmeal.

    If anything,try to remain stress free,eat healthy(fruits,vegetables and protein).

    On a side note,yes massaging your scalp is said to help stimulation of blood flow,which can increase growth.Many native indian tribes use Jojoba oil while massaging.

    So In short,my recommendation:

    -Biotin pills.

    -Fish oil pills.

    -Drink enough water to stay hydrated.

    -Take care of your hair externally.Shampoo,condition.


    -Use sulfate free shampoos & conditioners

    -Avoid heat & if you must use heat, use a heat protectant

    -Trimming your ends will NOT make hair grow faster, but it will encourage healthy hair and a healthy appearance. It won't speed up the rate at which your hair grows though.

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    • Oh why thank you my darling.

      Good luck!

      And remember healthy hair DOES indeed start from within. A healthy diet=healthy hair=length retention=longer hair

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    • Walmart, for about $2-$3

      buy the 1000 mcg and take it no more than 5 times a day

    • i'll look for them next time I'm there! thanks again :)

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  • prenatals, you can buy em at walmart or whatever. and you don't need to be prego or anything and t makes your hair and nails grow like crazy

  • Hair has three cycles: Growing, shedding, and resting. Cutting your hair does NOT make it grow faster. Trust me. My hair is down to the small of my back and I haven't cut my hair in 6 months. The only reason you get your hair cut is if you have really bad split ends or want to keep a certain hair cut. Just trim the split ends individually. take a one inch section, and twist it. You'll see the ends poke out. That way, you're hairstylest won't go lopping off inches. If you insist on cutting, ask for a dusting of the ends. If they don't no what they're taking about, get a new stylest. After you got your hair cut, it probably just happened to be in the growing phase. Like said, take vitamins and eat healthy. OHH and when I play tennis, during the summer, my hair grows like crazy as a combination of the moisture and heat/blood circulation.(massage you're scalp!) It also grows quickly in the winter when I play sports. I'd recommend Main n' tail for shampoo/conditioner. It really does make your hair grow faster and fuller. And please, don't freak out about the one paraben in it. Methylparaben is found in blueberries and a lot of fruits and the only reason you would get cancer is if you drank gallons of it everyday. and then there is still the smallest chance. Just try to keep healthy, and I promise you, you're hair will grow.

    have fun growing<3

  • run olive oil on it

  • Eating healthy and drinking water or juice helped me but I stopped drinking a lot of soda last year so that could be why...taking vitamins made all my body hair grow too fast and I had to shave more often so I wouldn't suggest that

  • Vitamin B-Complex

  • get trims like half an inch every 3-4 months or so just to cut off the ends. I notice that keeps mine in good health

    try not to wash it too often because I think the oils in hair keep it healthier and maybe growing longer. my hair is oily so I need to wash it almost every day, really every day unless I use dry shampoo I may be able to make it last two days. but if you don't have oily hair, you can probably get away with keeping it for 2-3 days without washing, my friend says she only washes her hair 2 times a week or maybe 3 tops and hers is beautiful and not oily or dry (but shower every day though, just put your hair in a shower cap, because that is just nasty not to have good hygiene)

    try to avoid using irons and blow dryers and any heat products because those can damage. only use when necessary.

    hope for the best.