What kind of clothes do you prefer on a guy?

I am curious as to what kind of clothes do women prefer men to wear normally? on special occasions?


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  • i like guys in suits :D

    but I guess they don't wear that on a normal occasion. so I don't really care how they dress. as long as they don't wear tight pants or anything weird like that. and also I don't like those guys who sagg and show their undergarments.

    • lol I do the sagg thing when I was younger so all my jeans are saggy and sometimes I forget to wear a belt >_>

    • haha omg.

      did your pants ever fall?

      i always wondered how guys keep their pants so low without having them fall down completely

    • usually had one hand in my pocket :D

      it only fell once when someone threw a backpack at my leg making me take my hand out to not fall >_>

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  • I don't really know about casual clothing.

    Nothing too saggy, or too tight.

    but when they're getting fancy, I love vests. I absolutely love them.

    • i wear vests a lot too, they really match my body

  • Well usually guys thinks that being "Gangster-ish" is a turn on for girls, but to be honest most girls like it when guys have a nice style. Just saying! Such as the one direction guys. Google them :-)

    • i looked it up

      their style is over the top for just walking around with for me (cept the white shirt + kakis I do that a lot)

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