Do you any natural Remedies for Lightening hair?

Such as lemon juice or the sun? I've already got dark blonde/blonde highlights and I would like to stay away from color for the summer as it damages hair.


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  • Alright. I have dark blond hair already with brown and light blond natural highlights. BUT Every summer here's what I normally do:

    Fill a small spray bottle 1/3 water 1/3 lemon juice 1/3 peroxide and spray LIGHTLY all over your hair till its damp. Then go outside or to the beach or whatnot. (If no sun, use hairdryer)

    At walmart, they sell this product called Sun-in which is basically the same thing.

    When the sun hits your hair(or heat) it will lighten the parts that are exposed most(giving you natural looking highlights).

    If you want individual highlights, take a piece of tinfoil and cut a small circle near the top and pull a small section of hair through the hole so that the tinfoil covers your hair like a shield. Then spray the piece of hair on top(exposed) with the spray(whether it be sun-in or home made version).

    When I go to the beach, I spray lightly the top and heavily the front. It gives me natural looking highlights on top and a darker underside. My friend sprayed her whole head and by the end of the summer, her hair was a couple shades lighter and looked like she got it died.

    DO NOT FORGET THIS: Use a deep conditioner after you're done. I recommend Aussie 3-minute miracle. Its around $3 and does wonders. Also, if you want to increase the blond, use john frieda Go Blonder. I use it when I just want an extra umph. After a couple days, you can tell a difference. I've tried a lot of different things, and this is what works for me. My hair is down to the small of my back and really never gets damaged from this. If you're really worried about sun damage, you can actually get sunscreen for your hair(I know, sounds weird). But I wouldn't worry about it.

    Goodluck! <3


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  • The sun will lighten your hair but also cause damage...through not as much as most color does.

    I don't know aobut lemon juice, but you will smell funny.

  • Chamomile also works.


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  • dont know if lemon juice really works but you can try it. some say it does. or sitting in the sun.

    whatever you do do NOT use bleach or lighteners like sun in or any of those. I used them and they made my hair turn this awful color, almost everyone I know who used them got gross hair this awful brassy color and nasty roots.

    if lemon juice and sun doesn't do it enough just get it professionally highlighted if you want it lighter that badly. don't use that awful bleaching crap though. it took me years to get rid of and looked awful for a long time.

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