My girlfriend "lacks" some physical traits

Alright, so have always been more of behind rather than "front" guy when it comes to girls.

This is by no means my #1 reason for dating a girl or anything and I mostly care about personality, being able to hang out and discuss stuff with her and so on.

As a result, my current girlfriend is not that "prominent" in that region. It's no deal breaker for me or anything obviously, but there are some problems:

- she's my first gf

- I really like and want to keep her

- I don't want to cheat on her or break up

So how do I ever get to "satisfy" that certain interest I have in those type of women without ruining my relationship?

This might seem like a "troll" thread, yet it really isn't...


PS: And yes, I have once mentioned in front of her that I'm more into butt than boobs, but downplayed it later on.


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  • Um if you can't handle it she's not for u... Look for someone else even if she your first


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