My eyebrows! Eeep! - Help!

Looking back at my pictures from last year, I'm realizing that my brows are a lot smaller and more arched than they were. I'm trying to let them grow back - because they looked much better then. is there anything I can do to make the hair grow in better?


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  • Just leave them...or you could use some castor oil to help them grow back.Just put some over your eyebrows.Ive done this and it has worked!Good luck!

    • Hey where do you buy castor oil?

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    • That is weird because it's actually also used as a laxative so your pharmacy should have it.Maybe try larger places like walmart or kmart etc.Im not sure where you live,so it's difficult to say,but it's normally instock in a lot of places.

    • Oh okay. Probably just looked in the wrong place. Thanks again haha. I'll stop annoying you now. :p

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  • High fat diets are good for growing hair. Of course this is a bad idea for other reasons, why not just let nature take it's course ...


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  • you have to leave em... after years of butchering mine I let them grow for a year... got bangs then started using a bit of the eyebrow powder to make them fuller til they grew.

  • i'd need you in front of me to show you how to fill them in properly,and make them thicker,but-here goes: fill them in with a lighter shadow than your natural eyebrow color,and draw very thin hair where you need them,with eyeliner-VERY thin and again,lighter eyeliner. then do a bit of blending so it looks more natural. as for growth-there are special products for that,google them and find some you can find near you,also,olive oil is said to be good for hair growth-so try it,it can't hurt.

    • I have been filling them in. They're not that awful, just I prefer thicker eyebrows and I just don't have them. Thanks though.

  • The best advice has already been given, to let them grow in! But I'd like to add that once they are grown in, when you go to get them threaded/waxed/plucked or whatever, that you tell the person doing it that you only want them cleaned up, not shaped, so that you can keep your own natural shape.

  • hm. what is your method? if you tweeze yourself then you probably overtweezed.

    or if you get them done they probably pulled them out too much.

    what you should do (I recently did this, because I get mine threaded but I went to a new place and the stupid woman pulled a LOT of hair out and made them really thin)

    don't touch them for a few weeks, depending on how thin they are. if they are way too thin wait 6-8 weeks. if they are thin but not awfully so, wait about 4-6. it will be hard, but in the meanwhile use powder and pencil to make them look more neat.

    then they will be thicker, go to a good waxer or threader that you trust, and tell her to clean them but not make them thin, just shaped.

    i did this, it was really hard, after 4 weeks I did tweeze some strays from the very bottom but you have to really let it grow all over.

    and mine are back to their normal thickness plus some.

    another good way, if they are only a bit too thin, is wait an extra 1-2 weeks before getting them done (if you usually wait 2, wait 3-4 , if you usually wait 3 wait 4 or 5)

    try to wait as long as possible! they will look messy but trust me it is worth it

    i made it to 5 and a half and then I surrendered but doing that instead of my usual 2 made them grow all back plus some. now I am trying to go longer between threading sessions still, even though they grew back.

    it sucks though because I'm a fanatic about having well done brows

    but the wait is worth it and thin brows really are very unflattering. I don't know how thin yours are but mine were SO thin at a point and it makes me cringe.

    • They're not that thin. Just my arch is more prominent than I'd like. Honestly I didn't even notice except for when I compared my brows now with ones from last year. They probably look fine, but I'd like them thicker. Thanks for the advice.

  • you can brush them with a eyebrow brush everyday and also fill them in until they grow back