Do guys like women that are taller than them?

I know that some men like when the girl is shorter than them or girls like taller guys. I would prefer a taller guy just because I'm 5'9, but I find myself more interested in a bunch of guys who are shorter than me. And sometimes I sit here and think, what guy would want to date a girl that's taller than them? Guys that are like between 5'7 & 5'5, would you date a taller girl like me? Sometimes I feel a bit bad if I actually begin to date a guy shorter than me, because I don't want him to feel any less of the man he is. And I always gain courage by thinking of how Tom Cruz and Katie Holmes made it through for so long. Haha


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  • Don't feel too bad. Besides, guys that short are going to have to deal with that alot. There's always the chance a girl is taller than him and he's likely come to terms with it. Maybe even found ways to compensate for it. But don't worry about it too much.

    Anyway I once dated a girl taller than me, and that's quite something, because I'm six foot two, and she was a good inch or two taller. It was an adjustment, but I liked her. Though it didn't work out though. Still I can tell you the height thing wasn't a problem. At least not on my end. I don't know about her.

    Well whatever the case, don't worry about it. Date who you like, and don't let the height thing enter your mind.

    Good luck.


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  • No, it would make me feel too awkward.

    But I'm 6"1 and basically ever girl is shorter than me.

  • I like a taller girl. a lot.

  • Well on a purely physical level I'll admit that very tall girls tend towards a certain physique I like where they're really slender yet look healthy at the same time. And these girls are often 6'1" and up, which makes them all taller than me, so I'm going to be in the minority and say "yes". I'd be at least an inch shorter than those girls. And it wouldn't make me feel like less of a man at all, the only thing that would make me feel like less of a man is if something bad happened to someone I care about (regardless of height, they could be 4'0" or 7'0") and I wasn't able to protect them from the danger or at least give harsh retribution to the person that did it.

  • I'm 5'5 and I would have no problem dating a girl who is taller then me.


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