Appearance versus reality?

How often did you judge someone by their appearance and it came out they were tot tally different then you assumed?

Trial: What kind of person do you think I am? Geek, sporty, party person,...


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  • Yes I have judged someone before and they tended to be different. Hasn't everyone at one point? I met a girl who looked very superficial and fake. I figured she would be a stuck up bitch. She packed on so much makeup, fake nails, fake eye lashes, everything...however, I got to know her anyway. She is now one of my best friends, she's super sweet, and she dresses this way because she has major insecurities with her looks, however I think she is absolutely beautiful without all the makeup, etc.

    As far as your pic goes, I can't really judge it because I can't sense much from it.


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  • It's hard to know much about a person based on one photograph. I guess the impression I get from yours is that you are a stylish and sophisticated girl who enjoys the finer things in life.

  • I already have preconceptions about you, because you asked a question about Morrisey. Haww haww haww.

    I do it quite often, though. Not necessarily judge, but form preconceptions based on the way they look. It happens like, aaallllll the time. Usually for the better, sometimes not, though.

  • A lot. Period.

  • you are party person I guess, I can see some beauty products on your pic background or you could be a geeky person who looks after himself lol cause you asked a question about a show and party people don't usually follow many shows, tho I follow ugh my brain hurts XD I don't know what you are...

  • Never because I'm not around people much.

    It's hard to judge you being sporty etc from a pic. lol


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    GTFO & STFU!

    • lol what she do?

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    • Okay, thanks for your opinion. I just asked it because I read an intersting article about it. It said people form opinions about characteristics of others even before they meet them. It's true I can make my opinion about you based on those words you said!

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