What are some good up-dos for a long face?

My hair turns into an Afro in the rain and it's about to start raining for four straight weeks, which means up-do time. However, I have a long face and pointed chin so a ponytail or bun gives me a major horse face look. Any good styles that will lessen that effect?


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  • Hmm - curved in bangs will help lessen the long face.

    I have a long face too and always wear curved in bangs to help balance out the proportions aestetically.

    Usually I'll do something like this:


    With the pony tail a bit higher.

    Basically the bang you have in your icon picture is good for not making your face look so long, just throw the rest of your hair up and you should be good.

    I think it's the bangs that fall down the side of your face, or when your hair is bone straight and you wear it down that will elongate your face.


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  • Add some curls at the front on both sides of your face. So, like a messy bun or pony tail and curl your bangs on the side or front hair. And maybe lift your hair out of your elastic a bit, to add more volume to the top of your head. If that makes sense. :P

  • Found one hairstyle learning here, one pic, six steps. Very easy , you can do it at home link