Girls! How do I make my hair more manageable?

I have longish hair which is nice and straight for the most part.

My problem is that it gets kind of frizzy and is kind of curly on the sides (if it gets long enough, I get ringlets). And when it doesn't stay put, especially when it's windy out - even if I use mousse.

How do I straighten the sides, stop it from getting messed up, and have a nice forehead comb over in the front (that will stay put and not look greasy)?

Why do people do "100" strokes when brushing their hair?


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  • I like guys with curly hair but anyways

    Its hard to straighten it unless you flat iton but try to leave it curly when its drying don't touch itor it gets frizzy.Or braid it when its wet and unbraid it when its dry for the hair to be the same texture

    • It's only curly on the sides though. When my hair is a little shorter, I have wings. But eventually the wings grow in to ringlets and just look out of place. I'm trying to achieve the Brad Pitt look where it's pulled behind the ears on the side

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  • palek is funny.

    Use conditioner.

    There are products that could help defrizz and keep it straighter. I've used Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine leave in anti frizz, smoothing serum. Literally getting it off the bottle. It works well.

    Go to the hair section in a store and check things out. Try to stay away from things that look greasy and don't put too much.

    You can also comb your hair down or wear a towel flat on it.

    Not an expert at all.

  • You need to get one of the mini flat irons... they are litterly just little mini versions of a flat iron that a girl would use. Just run it through your hair a couple of time to flatten the curls and use a little hair spray to keep it in place. It really does work I promise.

    • I got some hair spray today and I like it. It does the job

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    • However, I did notice that when my hair dries after washing it, it curls up on the sides.

    • That's what you need the mini flat iron for... you can get them for like 20 bucks at walmart. Just flatten the curls down really quickly spray it with the hair spray and your good to go. I know tons of guys who use this trick :)

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  • Melt a plastic dinner plate on top of your head with a blow torch. It'll make you the master of your own head.