Seriously, shouldn't women be smaller than men?

Women are feminine and beauty seems to be with a women being more slender and youthful looking. So why are women always looking bigger and thicker?

Let's say, women should be smaller than at least the "average" human being.

But when I look around, it seems that women are actually bigger than many guys.

I see a couple walking and the guy is fit and muscular and the girl who you think would be muscular and fit is well is just like thicker than the guy.

So does anyone else notice this? Women dropping the ball when it comes to being more feminine, petite, small?

Guys can't get bigger much faster. Ladies are making it almost impossible to stay bigger than they are!


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  • i notice that all the time

    i have a somewhat small build so a good amount of women are bigger than me.

    bit annoying but people choose their own lifestyles


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  • Not necessarily.

    It depends on the body type, frame and a number of different factors of individuals of either gender.

    I have a medium to large frame, I physically cannot be small and petite. And I'm naturally blessed with other things that make me look even bigger. Am I out of shape? Not in general. I like walking, and a bit of running when it's not too cold, I don't mind exercising, except that it's boring to do alone.

    I simply, without some form of cosmetic surgery, cannot fit in the 'ideal'.

    I'm bigger than my man, because he's got a smaller frame.

  • I think there are just more overweight/obese people in general.

    Keep in mind though, that attractiveness is subjective, I'm sure those guys really think those girls they are with are gorgeous.

    • You mean the guys think the obese women they are with are gorgeous?

      Is it more likely they thought they were gorgeous when they were 30% smaller..and just stayed with them?

    • Could be part of the reason, but people are attracted to what they are attracted to. Some men willingly go for those women.

      Its always hard to determine what people mean when they say "larger" women. Are we talking height, overweight, obese...haha.

  • no its both genders. women are becoming bigger and masculine while men are becoming smaller and less masculine (guy metrosexuals) its like theyre coming together! and its not just physical! its their attitudes, personalities etc. lol I know what you're talking about but contrary to what you say, I THINK that more guys are losing their testosterone :(

    • You might be partially right.

      Guys are under this false belief that becoming less masculine they will get a women because women say they want a good guy.

      But..lets not even start to discuss that here.

      I do see what you are saying but I still feel like there are more women ignoring the gym and health, thus getting bigger, than there are guys who are scrawny and stay scrawny.

      Buutt...maybe the human race will turn into one size and our brains will grow really big and that will be our body.

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    • Well, why do you care if they're gaing fat? I don't date fat girls. And fat girls are all fat, no muscle, that's means they're weak.

    • I care because most woman are gaining fat.

      I don't date fat girls either. The more women that do it, the more acceptable it becomes!

  • Thats just what you like, and what media and culture to day says women should look like. Women are supposed to have more fat than guys to live and have kids. Its a fact, women need at least 12% bodyfat to live and men need just 2%. If you like thin boyish women then date them and leave thick women with curves to real men who like real women and make sure you look perfect before you judge other people.

    • 12% is actually pretty darn thin. It seems to me that most woman have CONSIDERABLY more than that. I would guess around 20-25%.

      Also, thin women are not boyish, just because you are jealous does not mean you should make fun of them.

    • Thinner women typically are more boyish than average, full figured women. Its not making fun, but actually stating the obvious. They typically have little difference in their WHR. Though not all, a lot of women with that body type are A or B cups because they're body fat percentage is near base levels for women. That's synonymous with being 'boyish'.

    • So a thinner guy is girlish?

      And a guy with wider hips is girlish?

  • If you take animals into account, females are typically made bigger than males.

    • That is the weirdest answer I have ever heard.

      Isn't the queen bee like significantly bigger than regular bees?

      Let's just say I don't want to marry the queen bee...

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    • You win the science award!

      It comes with one million exp. points, free papa johns pizza for a year and a junior chemistry set!


      ...I am sorry for getting your hopes up, but there is no science award...

  • I see a lot of big guys but then I also see smaller guys. Guys who are shorter than me and just smaller. Honestly I cannot date someone who's smaller than me. Just no.

    I think in general though, men are definitely taller and bigger than women

    • Unless you are like 5 foot 9, most guys will be taller then you.

      So yeah, in General I agree they are taller then girls.

      But I feel girls are still not thinner.

      Most girls may possibly be smaller, but there is waayy too large of a population of girls that are larger than they should be in my opinion.

    • well obesity is a problem I think in the US

    • I agree with you. But not considering the obese people, just considering the average people it seems that women have their average as slightly larger then the men's.

  • Hmmm.. typical shallow man.

    I agree there is an obesity problem.. involving BOTH men and women however.

    • I am considering the non obese/healthiest 70% of the population.

      Of the healthiest 70%, I believe Men are doing their part to be more masculine and fit, where as women just get bigger and bigger from around age 24 and up. Some women even start to get bigger and less fit as young as 18 when it is HARD for them to gain weight because of their metabolism!

      Women just need to work on being thinner and more petite in my opinion.

      Us guys can't just keep getting bigger and bigger for you ladies!

    • I agree on the obesity problem

      however if you compare an avg 22 year old guy with a 22 year old girl

      there is a big diff in size (atleast on my uni campus)

      i won't blame women for it since men have more muscles and a naturally faster metabolism

      so even if we eat the same terrible food, we are more likely to stay thinner

      women do need to do something about it

      and its not only because I find them attractive when they are slimmer

      its a health concern I don't want to see my someone I like in the hospital

  • You like who you like but true beauty is within. If you don't figure that out soon you are going to die a lonely man.

    • If true beauty is within, why do the hottest girls reject tons and tons of guys who are not up there standard of attractiveness?

      Seriously...this argument you are sharing with me is invalid times one thousand. It is also not the place for it.

      If true beauty was on the inside, there would be A LOT less single guys on this website...

  • Being a girl that's 6'1 you can't help if you are taller than guys just like they can't help if the are short your being very stereo typical not everyone fits into the norm.

    • I am comparing to the average. Are you trying to tell me that you are average?

  • Are you posting this because of this movie?



  • obviously the guy likes it or he wouldn't be with her. everyone has their own idea of what is attractive and feminine, and masculine for that matter. for example you seem to prefer petite thin and slender girls. but many prefer thicker curvy girls with more obvious signs of sexual reproduction like hips, ass and breasts. I think that is definitely feminine. opinions are like a**holes. keep in mind there are guys who have naturally large builds and are muscular and tall, so its not like all women need to get down to a size 2 just to be smaller than a guy who is thin, when they could date a 6'1 guy with broad shoulders if they wanted.

    everyone doesn't have to conform to your idea of femininity. who says your the hallmark of masculinity? maybe you're too small

    • I am 6 foot 2 and 185 pounds. I do feel like I have thinner legs and arms then MOST of the women I see. But of course, I am by no means small.

      If I hit the gym to get more mass and size on my body, why can't women hit the gym to lower the mass on their body?

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    • i thought women needed more body fat than men? look it up. feminine being thin and petite is a social construct. if you want to buy into that, then that's fine, but you have no right telling women what they SHOULD be just because you don't like it. who are you to tell someone to change their bodies?

      if a guy is 5'7 and an ectomorph, why should I extreme diet just so I can be smaller than him, even if that guy isn't what I consider ideal anyway?

    • the 5 foot 7 ectomorph guy is not who I am saying you should be smaller than.

      You should follow the BMI confines like I mentioned.

      The guy you described is also not doing his part in being masculine enough. So that is a terrible example.

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  • Honestly, what the hell are you talking about? Both men and women come in all shapes and sizes. This seems like the sort of question a small guy who is insecure about his size would ask.

    • Read my reply from the first female post.

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    • Your thesis remains unproven. You have to demonstrate that women are lazier and in worse shape collectively than men as a group, not that the majority of women are out of shape.

    • This is obviously impossible to prove. I am speaking solely out of what I have seen in my travels.

  • Nah, that only happens in America where the average woman is like a whale size big.

  • Its just an optical illusion. They look bigger because they use high heels.