Would you date a guy smaller than you?

I mean all around smaller. Height, weight, just all around smaller.

I wouldn't mind dating a person smaller than me, (I am 5'4" and 175lbs) I would be concerned that I would snap him in half when we become intimate. Lo,l Is that possible?


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  • Height is largely not an issue for me. I'm average height so I don't imagine I'd find too many girls unattractive because of height (them being freakishly tall, above 6ft.).

    However, it irritates me for some reason when women who are thicker somehow thing a person is fragile because they weigh less than them. As a slim guy, I get seriously tired of women saying to me "You're so small, I bet I could -- to you".

    If I'm in a good mood, I'll casually ask them why they think I'm so skinny, why they don't understand that for men- our extremities are most often the skinniest parts of our bodies (our core is where the action is), and why exactly they're afraid of "breaking me".

    On bad days, I'll simply look at them and say something to the effect of "Yeah, I can live with that...you being fatter/heavier/insert word here than me".

    So seriously, your 175lbs self won't break a guy lol

    • Ooops, I am probably one of the main ones. Y concern is mainly out of fear of going too far and accidentally hurting the guy. I have no problem with slim guys. I just get freaked out if I'm dating one and my thighs and stuff are bigger than his, and I ant to sit on him . . . and you may know what I am getting to. LOL

      I am glad you answered for me.

    • Yeah, you won't hurt him. Don't be afraid :)

    • Thank you so much.

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  • if I were smaller than the girl I would feel uncomfortable


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  • yeah I feel it would be werid to date a guy. My rule for me is to not date anyone younger / smaller than me. Younger: because even though they may be smart etc. They still have that leve of growing up to do. Shorter: because first judgement is by apperance. I rather date someone taller. No need to rush love though. I accidentally met my boyfriend in track and I feel inlove with him even though he is a complete loser. but he still makes me go crazy

  • Eh, not really. I'm 5'10" and curvy, so it's not hard to find a guy smaller than me. If he's cool with it, I doubt I'd pay attention to it myself.