Ladies if your ex sent you an email like this one. How would you respond?

I thought about your comment regarding passion, and how there wasn't any. I would agree it wasn't enough, but not like I didn't want to make it happen. I do recall the night I had you in the sink over on Detroit eating you and licking you as if you were a succulent flower wanting you to climax. At that point I knew I had a willing participant who would be open to fantasies beyond my wildest dreams. My desire and intentions were good, but I allowed things that were unimportant to get in the way. I became complacent and disconnected from from what you truly needed as the sexual being that you are, I was also extremely stressed out.

One of the things I have always been good at, is truly knowing what my partner wants and needs then going the extra mile. I prided myself in being able to understand my partner, imaging the things that would give both of us the ultimate pleasure which would lead up to the encounter. I never gave you all of that and it's is my fault. In case you didn't know I am really a romantic person with the desire to create an atmosphere that would constantly increased the sexual appetite. I should have bathed you in that bath tub a million times with scented candles and incents, oiled you down and lead you in to another room where we could have indulged in one another.

I recall that night you made me a vaginal shake (with the fruit), and all though it was only that one time, it was a sign of things to come. I always wanted to have more of those types of days evenings weekends with you, but it always seem to get away.

I still think about that night, and the time you picked me up from the airport and took me back to the condo on Butler. You were quite indulging and seductive, with your lingerie, the scent of perfume was alluring. It was a KamaSutra.

When I think about it, I missed the opportunity to romance the stone, to seduce your inner being. Sending you messages, to constantly entice your thoughts.

I don't think you realize it but you have always turned me on, I just feel like I was stuck in a rut with these job situations and it was mentally and physically draining.

To be frankly honest with you, I know things could have been better, I just seem to loose sight of what made you happy.

Hopefully this was not inappropriate. And I just wanted to share my thoughts with you. I also hope it doesn't make you uncomfortable. But, I realize that I need to share these things with you so you know how I truly felt. Unfortunately you can't change the past.

Please don't take this the wrong way, I just wanted to share this with you because I feel you deserve to know.


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  • Honestly man, I'd be really freaked out...its waaaaay too explicit. Her telling you the "passion" was missing means all the romantic, caring stuff that should GENUINELY go along with a great sexual relationship. It actually comes across like that is all you are interested in, and if that IS the case you need to leave this poor woman alone. It's fine to say she is beautiful, attractive, you appreciate that she chooses nice lingerie and perfume but all that "oil you down and indulge each other" stuff. Not good. YOU have even used the words "inappropriate" , "don't take this the wrong way" and said that you don't want to make her uncomfortable, so I think you really need to question your intentions here. And FYI Romance is about how you feel about the person, and want to make them feel about themselves outside the bedroom...NOT just a way to create an environment for sex. It sounds like you need to have a serious think about that. I just saw your comment that you live why the hell are you sending her a freakin e mail?!

    • Wow interesting perspective. She was deeply affected by that and other letters and became some what upset. Because she felt this and the other letters were to emotional. So at this point F@*k her.

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  • wtf? it sounds like she completely ripped that off from a sh*tty romance novel.

  • ...I'd be very scared. :D

    • Okay you make it sound like I'm sexual predator. Is that how it comes off?

  • You could leave a lot of the sexual details out. If my ex sent me that I would think he was playing on my emotions and looking for a booty call.

    • Wow! Really would that anger you or make you uncomfotable. The thing is we live in the same house as room mates.

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