Shaving leaves irritated skin?

I don't know if I just have sensitive skin or what but when I shave, the skin gets irritated and red. its embarrassing when I'm in the middle of the moment and when I undress just to see redness and irritation everywhere. I would wax but its wayy too much for me to afford. any advice? are there creams to prevent this or something?


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  • I'm probably not the most helpful person about this but I'll go ahead and answer anyway... If you shave too often, you get those red bumps. I only shave for important days like when I'm going to see my boyfriend. If I do it too much, my legs get all red. According to the internet, it's basically your skin getting infected with bacteria as a by-product of shaving, rubbing, etc. You can probably find a new solution that way. Nair made my skin really dry and red. Waxing can make me red too. I wax my armpits, because the hair grows back really fine, and I don't get the stubble, and then I just shave a little bit every once in a while. I used to have regular deodorant and I couldn't put it on for a day or so. Now I have all-natural deodorant, and I can put it on like the morning after and it doesn't sting. As far as wax goes, I use the Sally Hansen stuff I think from WalMart. But you can also make your own sugar wax at home out of brown sugar and lemon juice, basically... I haven't tried it. Kinda scary but also kinda cheap. I almost did during winter break lol. Gotta work up the nerve.

    • Thats when I shave too.. before I see my boyfriend. But I spend weekends with him pretty often so ill shave on a friday and itll be fine, but when I shave the next day, it gets irritated. the same thing happens when I use deodorant too lol stings and stuff

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  • My advice is to let it grow in and then keep it neatly trimmed. I honestly don't understand the fascination with the pre-pubescent look.

    Shaving causes redness and irritation. Period. For my face it diminishes only as my face has become somewhat less sensitive, and if I shave everyday. If I skip a few days it is sensitive all over again.

  • You might be getting razor burn. Make sure the razor you're using is sharp and not dull. Also what I do whenever I shave is use cream and go just one uniform direction. I've noticed that whenever I stroke the razor down then up, my skin gets very irritated while if I just do a downward motion it doesn't irritate the skin at all. Put lotion on afterward to moisturize the skin as well. Also, don't shave every day. Some people say every 3 days or every week but I just stick to whenever I need to.

    Try that out and update an let us know how you're doin!

    hope I helped

    • Thanks, when I shave in a downward direction, I can still feel the hair. I like it to be smooth. ill see how it goes though

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  • I would say, waxing is a million times better than shaving; keeps skin hair free for longer, hair doesn't grow back as coarse, leaves skin smoother, no more razor burns and you would only have redness and irritation right after doing it but that can be solved with a cream. Of course, it also has its downsides being that it hurts and you have to wait for hair to grow back to a certain length to be able to wax again.

    Um, I didn't get one thing though. Did you mean you can't afford it as in you want to do it at home but don't have the money to buy it or you want to have it professionally done but don't have the money for it? If it's the first thing, sugaring is a great do-it-yourself alternative to waxing; it's even said to be less painful. And then, practice makes perfect. If you wanna hear more about that just let me know and I'll be happy to help!

    • Thanks! I meant doing it professionally would be expensive. I've bought stuff before as a do it yourself thing but it really hurts doing it myself lol. maybe its just the wrong kind. what's the sugaring thing you were talking about?

    • link

      All you need to know about sugaring's there! It's worth a try.

  • You can buy cremes by companies such as nair that have bladeless razors or shaving substitues. You can also buy special razors for sensitive skin and use shaving creme.