Was it because I'm really ugly?

He always stares, you know. He goes out of his way just to look at me. One time his girlfriend was talking to him, and and he was looking past her right at me, for at least 5 mins. His girlfriend turned around to see what he was looking at. In hallways, when I walk by, in a public place. I never looked back, cause he's the popular good looking guy, every girl liked. I was scared, I got nervous. So I would just look down, or do something to get out of there. But he never tried to talk to me ever. Even when he didn't have a girlfriend, this went on for about 2 yrs. His friends would look too. My question is, why? It isn't cause he liked me or anything, cause it doesn't make sense. I will be honest, I'm the farthest thing from attractive, I've always been the girl, guys completely ignore, and only talk to my friends. I've heard a lot of "ewwss" and "gross" from both guys and girls and well the mirror doesn't lie.I know I'm ugly. Is that why he stared? Wondering what planet I'm from?


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  • He probably likes you because he doesn't know you. I mean popular guys like that get sick of seeing and talking to girls within their circle or of whom they already know. He must be interested in getting to know you? Believe me when I say this, guys do not stare and give that much effort to a random girl if they were not attracted to them.

    He might think you're pretty and he is dying to know you. He doesn't approach you because of his image, his popular ego incase anybody else sees (gf, group of popular friends and the rest of the school).

    Either that hun or he's straight up playing you.


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  • oh stop I bet your beautiful... just because guys ignore a girl doesn't mean they are ugly or not wanted etc that's only on the guys side (girls ignore me and I've never had anyone so I know I'm unwanted) ... its just guys are shy too and can't approach the girl they want ... I never will I only perfer the girl to ask me out /make the first moves etc. and I'm sure a lot of other guys perfer the same thing...

    the guy likes you no doubt about it

  • If he thought you were really that ugly he wouldn't spend so much time paying attention to you. Nobody cares that much to stare and think to themselves "GOTDAMN SHES UGLY!" about someone they're not interested in.


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  • you might think you're ugly but maybe he doesn't.

    maybe he's intrigued by you. maybe he thinks you're mysterious and wants to know more about you. you probably seem interesting.

    its a possibility.

    you never know. :D