Uneven skin tone?!!Help!

half of my leg is tan and the other part is white. I think it's because of sunburn 'coz I don't really use sun-cream. can anybody tell me how 2 make my skin even or lighten my tanned part? And how fast can I do that. thx

oh and is there anyway of doing it naturally?


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  • Retin A will lighten and even you out in 1-3 weeks but read direction first. Perscription usually required.

    • how 'bout doing it naturally?

    • Its a creme that exfoliates and simulates collagen production. Natural . Watch it ask dermatologist.

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  • Go outside and tan? Or there are plenty of self tanners that you can buy at a drug store. I use Jergens Natural Glow, and I looooove it.

    • how long would it take?

    • The Jergens Natural Glow? I guess it depends on how tan/fair your skin is to begin with. I am super fair, so when I put it on right before bed, I saw results by the next day. I use it once daily right before bed and it gets darker and darker everyday.

  • bio oil...

    or just get a can of spray tan and spray it on the white part...

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