He seemed uninterested.

this guy and I made out in june, we are friends but we never talked about what happened, we just let it go. so two weekends ago the guy told me that he was going to be at the bar and it was going to be a lot of fun. he didn't say you should go, or invite me directly, but he insinuated it. so I went. we didn't really talk much, but everywhere I was he was. every time I turned my back he was there. and then by the end of the night, I was talking to his best friend, and he was hitting on me really bad. I wasn't really flirting back, but he was buying me drinks so I was being nice, lol. the guy that I really like came and sat by us. and kept making eye contact with me. and some how, we ended up in each others arms, and left together. we were both pretty drunk. we got to his house, and we started making out, it was hot and heavy then he passed out. so I fell asleep too. then the next morning came and I couldn't find his phone to have some1 pick me up so I had to wake him up to ask him for it. I thought he was going to go back to sleep but he doesn't! he wakes up, helps me find his phone, then makes me breakfast, and stays up until my sister comes to pick me up. we were both hung over, lol. ok, so the first week after he was acting really weird around me. he actually stuttered when he first talked to me, and this guy and I have been friends for 8 yrs, and I have never seen him that nervous b4. he continued to act weird for the rest of the wk. when I say weird I mean acting nervous, and not knowing what to say. I guess the chemistry between the two of us was so obvious that two people that had no idea about us asked me the following day if there was something going on. then last fri night I go out to the same bar with my 2 sisters and their bf's. I seen him there with his friends, and I chickened out and didn't say nothing to him, but he didn't say nothing to me either. so the next day one of his friends asks me y I didn't say hi and I just said I didn't want my sister to embarrass me and he laughed. then I texted the guy I like and apologized and I told him I wasn't sure if I should say nothing. he replied back saying its alright. now I'm the one acting nervous, and today I was the one babbling on about nothing. and he seemed uninterested. what does his behavior mean?

so after I read the answers to this, I IMed him on aol asking if he wanted to go out 2 the bar. he never replied back, but I know he got it because he was away, but he wasn't idle. he didn't say he couldn't go, and he didn't say nothing to me today about it


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  • haha he def. likes you :) I think he is now kind of scared of being rejected by you, or you regretting what happened and not interested in him like that. He most likely got that vibe b.c. you didn't say hi to him, and when you see him in public don't ignore him, smile wayve make eye contact make sure he gets all the right signals, He can't read your mind, unless you want to stay friends and only friends with him then keep acting like a friend. SO I think he is still interested just really confused about how you feel about him

  • You two are cute, acting immature, but cute!

    Chill out, he wouldn't do these things if he didn't like you. Maybe he's afraid it'll ruin the friendship or afraid you don't feel the same.. Either way, you need to get the courage to talk to him. You can make out but you can't talk? You little weirdo's! LOL!

    He likes you.

    You likes him

    Take the next step!