How to look sexy without looking too slutty?

My friends told me I should ditch the bad ass loom and go for something a little more sexy, but I don't do the slutty look. I'm short, I'm 18 and an 5'1 yep I'll say it's fun sized haha. The point is I'm pale have dark brown eyes, really dark brown nearly black hair and am a bit chubby, more so curvy actually since I have thin legs and a flatfish belly so yea how can I dress more sexy like ha ha oh and no heels, they hurt like a mother f***er bearing in mind i have a full day of classes most days so yea :) thanks


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  • I think you sound sexy! Learn to appreciate your body and curves as a woman, and celebrate them :) Wear clothes that fit and flatter your shape :)

  • Sexy has a lot to do with your personality as well as how you look. Make yourself feel sexy and love your body - people will notice that.

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