Geting rid of stretch marks?

So I have a lot of stretch marks on the inside of my boob and on my upper thigh. I went from barely an a to t a full b and from a 7 to an 11 in one summer. I didn't get fat I am still thin (5'10, 138lbs) I just got curves really quickly. but I am still embarrassed of them and I know they will never really go away bit does anybody know the best stuff to use to make them fade?


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  • there's something called bio-oil. I went through the same thing you did. other than my legs I was skinny as hell but once I hit 15, I got some muscle mass and other part's grew and caused stretch marks as a result. you can't tell from far away but I'm sure if I had a Girlfriend she would notice.


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  • Most girls have stretch marks somewhere, and lots of guys have them too. Don't worry about it, really. It's fine to find products to try to fade them a bit, but don't stress too much about it. Guys know how you got them (growth spurt), and guys aren't going to complain that your boobs grew!


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  • Don't worry you are not the only one. I have the same problem. I started using palmer's coco butter formula which tones and softens skin. the marks have already started to faded a lot so it really works. also any creams with collagen(helps improve elasticity) will help a lot along with flaxseed oil and/or bio oil. :)


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