Does little makeup and a simple hairstyle make you look innocent?

Not talking about clothing style here...but if you see a girl with little to no makeup (think the natural look or very little applied) and her hair in a simple style that doesn't look like she went to the salon to get it done, but is very simple about it would you be more likely to think she's innocent or a good girl? Does it have hair and makeup have effect on looking like a good girl or bad girl type?

*I hate the terms "good girl" and "bad girl" by the way just had to use them to describe what I'm talking about*


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  • Possibly, but it would also have to match her personality, body language, and type of outfit. You could have hair and makeup like that, but wear clothes with your boobs spilling out on top and your butt hanging out below, and you certainly wouldn't look innocent.

    But, overall, yes, that would probably be the impression.


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  • Yes, I understand that in a few sentences you need to use generalizations like 'good girl.' Nothing wrong with that.

    Yes, a girl with thiss tyle, I would assume she's not some party animal with seven boy friends and several abortions, if that's what you mean. She's a traditional girl who is not so easy to get into bed.

  • A little make up and a simple hairstyle makes you look like a good girl. The more makeup on your face and the more sophisticated your hair style then the more it seems like you want a lot of attention from guys which makes you seem like an attention whore (aka a bad girl).

  • yes

    I saw this one girl in the library and she was in a pony tail, minimal makeup, basketball shorts, and a tank top.

    She was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty. I honestly don't know what it was.

    On a side note I prefer girls with less makeup

    Don't know if it helped or not lol


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