What is your favorite outfit to wear for your man and why?

does it turn you on to wear it and what acts do you like to mostly carry out while wearing it?


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  • fav outfit, would be my fav jeans, push-up, red tank and a clingy black striped zip up hoodie.

    the jeans show off my ass, shirt shows off my t*ts nd the hoodie shows off my curves.

    its comfortable, sexy nd makes me feel confident. which puts me in the best mood for my man :]


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  • A cute vintage dress with comfortable flats.

    I want to look cute and feminine when I'm with a guy. Plus I don't wanna be that girl limping along because she was being dumb for picking shoes that give her blisters. I have really short hair so I like something that shows off my womanly figure and makes me feel beautiful.

    It's my favorite thing to wear when I go out for coffee and cake with my sweetie.

  • My little plaid skirt and white tank, with slashed leggings.

    It shows off my body but still leaves something there to wonder about. I also feel really confident and sexy which makes me want to play and flirt around with him.


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