Guys: What do you think about hair extensions & how it feels when you touch her head with them in?

I recently got hair extensions.. I used to do just the clip in kind, but it was too time consuming, so I had my hair dresser glue them in (I know this isn't the best thing for my hair, but whatever).

My boyfriend always touches my face/hair/neck when we're cuddling together, and I didn't think about that before I got them done.. because my head seriously feels like an alien! They'll be in my hair for at least the next 3 weeks.. do you think it bugs him?


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  • It would bug me. Feel like I was touching a corpse's hair or something.

    • Ya, I'm totally regretting it! They look sexy, for sure.. but... I feel bad! lol

    • No need to feel bad. It's just that women think about appearances a lot without stopping to consider other parts of the equation. My advice is to never do anything permanent or semi-permanent because you never know what some dude in your future is going to think. And you don't know what you are going to think either in 20 years. Three or four weeks is hardly a lifetime but a lot of these girls are making decisions now that they are going to have to live with for the next 50, 60 & 70 years.../

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  • I dislike when girls put on hair that isn't theirs, it comes off as unoriginal to me.


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  • i wouldn't pay it any mind. you should do with your hair whatever you want. if your guy really loves you, he won't make a big deal out of it.