Keeps Looking my way.

There is a guy in one of my classes @ college, and I've noticed that he keeps looking at me. In an hour long period, I've noticed (though peripheral vision) him looking at me at least 15 times. Also, when I turned to look at him, he QUICKLY turned away. He has never spoken to me. I do not know his name, I do not even know what his voice sounds like. Heck, I don't even know his favorite color!

So what's the deal? This question may be exhausted, but what DOES it mean when a guy keeps looking at a girl?

If it means he may be interested and say this girl may also be interested (ok fine. he's super cute!), how can she also get the message across that she is interested? Subtly, I might add, because I am not one of those girls who can go up to a guy & ask him out. Nor do I want...


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  • catch his gaze, smile, blush, look down, and look back at him, while brushing your hair back (after youve let it fall) gets us every time... w/e you do, don't do what this girl that is super hot in my class does (I think their boyfriend gf, could be wrong) if she catches me... she just looks to her "bf" and starts talking to him... even if it is her bf, I find it disrespectful... I mean come on.. I know I'm only looking, but you can't even acknowledge it

    • Is it safe to say he likes me? I am really petite (not a midget! haha), but maybe he's thinking "woah she's small"

    • Its safe to say he's at least interested in talking to you, he probably just doesn't know if he can yet, ya know?, since your not giving him any inviting signals (like this girl in my class)

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  • you could hold his gaze, but not for too long cause it might freak him out. just enough to make him wonder... try and catch him after class and ask about an assignment.

  • One thing I want to say, it is so obvious he likes you. 'Looked at me 15 times' He soo likes you but probaly doesn't want you to know, that's why he looked away.

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